FTSystem service

FT System service scheme

Comprehensive, efficient, safe and stable


Global leading, secure and stable system architecture

International frontiers, professional level and unique features

  • Global deployment

    The server room is located in the mainland, Hongkong, Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia and so on.
  • Continuous integration

    The automation of the process of editing, testing, packing and publishing applications.
  • One key installation

    The deployment of the application cluster is quickly completed by mirroring or source code.
  • Elastic dilatancy

    With the change of business, the application of load balance and flexible expansion of hardware and software resources.
  • Performance monitoring

    Data distribution collection, centralized management, visual icon and intelligent analysis are provided.
  • safety protection

    5-300G DDoS flexibility protection capability, server security hosting and other functions.

International dedicated line data and top liquidity service providers

We provide you with international data line transmission channel, 24 hours continuous offer information, 250+ kinds of transactional varieties, optical fiber transmission, Fix clearing bridge efficiently bridging the worlds top 15 liquidity, efficient liquidation, transfer transaction risk.

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FT supporting functions to meet the most extensive requirements

Plug and play, support functional customization development

Front-end function matching

It supports 31 languages, such as Chinese and English. You can choose the most popular 16 currencies in 8 currencies, including cash, spot, London, gold, silver, futures, crude oil and so on.

The trading volume of the simulated account is exactly the same with the real market. By simulating transactions, familiarity with the functions of the platform and the characteristics of the investment products, we can narrow the distance from the traders to the real customers.

30 kinds of line drawing tools, 9 time period chart options, 50 technical indicators, 128 bit key encryption, ensure transaction instructions are delivered to the server safely, and automatically save transaction records, so that investors can query at any time.

Support self-made indicators, intelligent implementation, not affected by human factors.

Support the third party payment channel, the UnionPay channel, the international payment channel and so on a variety of funds access. Support second speed into gold, instant to account, entry and exit mail reminder, short message reminder.

Online merchandising is a good tool to increase customer volume. The online online merchandising system can help the calling people push the transaction signals to an innumerable FT account with a FT account, so as to help other accounts to follow.

Traders can realize self-help management, such as personal identity information, transaction records, entry and exit gold, etc.

System wind control function

FT FIX Fix bridge application access, Fix liquidation polymerization bridge service, FT bridge support, MT5 bridge maintenance, etc.

Anti scalping plug-ins, anti gapped plug-ins, explosion-proof silo plug-in, plug-in, anti arbitrage profit analysis of wind control and other 30 kinds of plug-in plug-in support function.

We provide international private line data source access, data acquisition from the source, data processing and transmission through special line data channel, so as to achieve stable, fast and no delay propagation.

Relying on the most advanced FT platform in the world, STANDARD has developed FT short line transaction plug-in, which does not need to develop transaction system separately, and can exchange transactions between foreign exchange and short line on the existing FT platform.

System background management

The CRM system provides online real-time signing and registration, data analysis, account settings of different roles and other services, so that you can manage a large number of IB, customers and other businesses in a unified, standardized and scientific way.

For member units, agents and traders at all levels, it supports the unlimited level of return maid, and supports a variety of maid methods such as team ratio, level, and algebra.

The double entry bookkeeping method is used to record the source, whereabouts and changing process of every fund in detail, so as to help the platform providers achieve the goal of inflow and outflow, risk control and precise settlement and settlement. When the same trader participates in a variety of mode transactions, its funds can be shared.

Inquire about the transaction information per day, each time period, and support the query of a variety of information, such as order information and capital information.

Risk real-time monitoring, graphical representation, risk early warning, and support for transaction risk A-bookB-book hedging.

Customer opening, entry and exit gold, and server operations support timely mail and SMS information providing, verification, and reminding.

Communications, IPS, Huichao, Chi, pay treasure pay three party payment channels; capital bank, China Merchants Bank, ICBC, China Construction Bank, Ping An Bank, Minsheng Bank and trust bank.

In order to improve the operation efficiency, it has the functions of giving gold, trading gold, and giving gold, such as gold giving and trading activities.

Only 1 accounts are needed to achieve interoperability between the 8 big trading sides

Full platform support, such as computer terminal, App end, WeChat end and so on

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