Option trading platform

A transaction based on price trends to buy and fall gains

Option trading platform

Option trading, that is, an investor is buying and falling varieties to gain a profit according to the judgment of the trend of the transaction. Investors pay the option transaction cost according to the price of the trading platform. If the price trend of the trading variety meets the expectations at maturity, investors can get the corresponding income.

The option trading platform is a kind of investment system with diversified trading patterns, rich varieties, low starting point and simple introduction. It is popular in the financial investment market. Option trading is popular in Europe, America, Middle East and Japan, and there is still a great potential for market development in the Chinese market.

A mature and stable operating experience

Characteristic transaction management

Using the flexible transaction mechanism of "T+0" and the option settlement mode, the day delivery is automatic, and the investment cost of the investors is low.

Unique wind control function innovation

The overall risk control management configuration, real-time transaction monitoring, dedicated international supplier of liquidity and original internal risk hedging system.

Easy to operate and promote

Support a variety of transaction terminals, simple operation, good user experience, more popular with investors, greatly reduced the difficulty of marketing.




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