Dishonest customer handling

Dishonest customer handling

In order to prevent speculative transactions, reduce the risk of cheating, dishonest customer behavior caused by the STANDARD FINTECH wind control system for the real-time monitoring of the traders, according to customer orders, credit risk control group management, brokers can take to freeze, disable, cancellation and other treatment.

real time monitoring

1., conduct real-time monitoring of customer accounts and trade orders, including customer login IP, location, trading habits, transaction volume, transaction volume, profit and loss situation, etc., and analyze the nature of customers in a multi-dimensional and comprehensive way, so as to achieve the automatic discovery of dishonest customers.

2. brokers can fully grasp the actual situation of the platform, timely deal with the risks caused by market fluctuation and transaction delay, and improve the flexibility of system wind control.

Risk classification management

Brokers will group managers with dishonest customers, and programmed batch processing can enable brokers to enhance the efficiency of wind control and achieve the real "right medicine". Customize the transaction types of each customer group, and set up a single transaction limit, maximum number of hands, points and handling fees according to the variety of transactions, and at the same time, you can also set different trading leverage.

Risk treatment

For dishonest customers, brokers can deal with freezing, prohibition, and cancellation, and can also defrost and unban it and restore the normal business of customers.


Trading end can not be single, can enter and exit gold operation, need manual examination.


the trading side can not do landing operations.


the trading side can not do landing operation, operation is irreversible, need to be cautious




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