Market operation model

Multilevel agent return maid model

It is designed for brokers to promote customer demand (broker -IB agent customer). Through the development of agent business channel, investors open accounts successfully and trade, and return the corresponding Commission according to the transaction situation. The IB agent is an important channel for the customer`s source and is the most important tool for the current broker to expand the market.

Operation mode of liquidation center

From the operation mode of the top international brokers (Clearing Center - operation center / -IB / clearing agency brokers intermediary customer, the institution) daily non debt liquidation ", continue to cooperate with the original organization, so that the transformation of brokers customer to retain the original extension off the marketing model, to provide more customer sources.

Choice of a variety of maid

Flexible maid settings let the exchange (brokers) have more operation options, and truly find the suitable extension method for their own.

For a class of agents, according to the total volume of their team, the total number of team returns for the entire team is designated. Its lower line is also assigned a commission in this way, and the level commission should be subsidized by another and analogous in turn. The calculation of this maid is generally calculated in terms of the amount / hand or the rate of flow by flow.

For an agent at a certain level, the amount of the personal return of a person can be assigned according to the total volume of the team`s transaction and its agency level. It is different from the percentage distribution according to the team. This model is the amount that the member specifies at each level, and the Commission is no longer assigned to the lower line. The calculation of this maid is generally calculated in terms of the amount / hand or the rate of flow by flow.

The commission that each agent can collect does not depend on the total amount of his team`s transaction, but on the total amount of the transaction under the assigned algebra. The calculation of such a Commission requires reference to the parameters such as the way of returning a commission, the maximum refunding algebra, the volume of self trading, the N generation, the offline trading volume and the commission standard.




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