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A website is not a piece of art, but a service for marketing. Titan science and Technology specializes in providing "marketing" financial website construction services.

Extensible flexibility

The solution of financial products should also be a rich content software platform. It not only provides some pre configured functions, but also has strong configurability and customization capabilities, so as to support the development trend of the industry and the market.

Comprehensive connectivity

At present, most e-commerce tools are based on browser mode, but for customers, it is important to provide a way to access time sensitive data in time, regardless of their physical location. Customers need to access relevant information when they think they are convenient, so that they can take action conveniently anywhere and at any time.

Seamless integration

In the financial industry, there must be some traditional application systems and many discrete business systems, such as business intelligence system, account system, customer relationship management system and so on.

An open, standard architecture

Since the financial industry is a traditional industry with many customers, the solution must ensure the long-term applicability, expansion and interoperability of the platform. At present, for these needs, we must adopt the standard technology in the industry, such as using Java, ASP.NET, PHP language to ensure the operability of the platform, XML, WEBSERVICE to achieve data transfer and exchange consistency, and PKI, LDAP and TPA and other related technologies.

Basic matching ordinary intermediate senior
Financial dedicated independent server deployment
International top-level domain name (unlimited number of binding)
Adopting the mainstream development architecture
Provide the LOGO logo design of the company
Free maintenance support for 7*24 hours
Data security encryption mechanism
functional module
Content management system
Online opening system
Capital management system
Membership management system
Advertising management system
Picture management system
Message management system
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