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We can assist you in completing the registration of Hongkong company, the judicial notarization and annual report of Hongkong company, the registration of BVI company, the registration of British companies, the registration of US companies, the registration of Sino foreign joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned companies, the trademark registration at home and abroad, the bank account opening and the telephone secretary service. The establishment of an overseas companys registered account can freely send and receive payments from international trade; from trading companies, they save more expenses, enhance their visibility and international status, enhance brand value, and exempt from foreign exchange control.

Registered American company
The United States is the immigration hot spots of the world, is the worlds most developed market, the enterprises in the world also enjoys a strong reputation, advanced technology, therefore, the United States registered company to become the domestic enterprises to carry out cross-border operations, enhance the international image of the shortcut.
In different states of the United States, the time, cost, and procedure of the company are different. Before registration, the state should be determined according to different needs.
First. The benefits of the establishment of a company in the United States: 1) the company name freedom of choice;
2) American infrastructure company a good business;
3) American companies without foreign exchange control, free flow of capital;
4) the United States company issued an invitation, to help the Chinese people easy to apply for a passport and visa;
5) in the United States, Canada registered companies can get all kinds of business and work on your visa;
6) a year later, American companies still exist. They can apply a residence card through a lawyer to the United States to reach the purpose of immigration.
2.A survey of the registration and registration of a company in the states of the United States: The establishment of a company in the states of the United States requires complicated procedures and must be registered with the laws of the city, state and the federal government. At present, all walks of life in the United States have their own independent industry law, and the operators of each industry must follow the laws and regulations of their industry.
There is a company registration department in fifty states in the United States, with different documents and different charges.
3. Conditions for the establishment of a company in the United States: 1) provide a shareholder of two or more shareholders passport or identity card (18 > +) copy;
2) to provide three U.S. company name, the registration agency by the United States nuclear name such as repeat can apply for
; 3) provides for the United States company chairman, President, chairman, secretary, treasurer name;
4) the proportion of shares made by each shareholder of the United States company.
4.The following methods can be adopted to register an American company: The first method: only to register an American company but not to establish an office. We are responsible for all lawfully registered American company matters. The characteristics of this method are fast, simple, and low cost. This method is more suitable for individuals and companies that are yet to be further improved, but are interested in establishing the future of overseas relations.
The second method is to register an American company and set up a normal office, equipped with an operator and a receptionist. We are responsible for all legal registration of us company matters and office establishment and personnel.
The characteristic of this method is not only to set up the image of the multinational corporation, but also to have the basic functions of the overseas branch. We collect all the information, information and information of our customers with professional quality, and we will submit the results to customers at the fastest speed with high technology. This method is more suitable for those who have certain strength or have some business overseas, but at present, they have not yet invested a lot in order to maintain a well-equipped formal branch.
Third methods: we provide a formal American company established in the United States to complete a full set of equipment company advisory services, including:
1) establish the legal consultancy and business consultation of the American company. From the United States company to the hire office and personnel, and to help design the business development plan.
2) business consulting and market survey of relevant American companies. From product design, promotion object research, market market survey, market competition investigation, to find potential collaborators.
3) market marketing package design and promotion plan. From building up the image of American company and product to designing the most appropriate advertisement, we have contacted the public media and government departments to make clear all the administrative and legal regulations. The cost is calculated on a case by case basis.
The third ways make use of the companys professional knowledge and extensive business contacts. First, customers can save a lot of unnecessary costs, such as legal fees, commissions and other; secondly, the company provides business consulting and market investigation, can make customers in North America after the business development need not avoid detours; finally, for the development of products and business customers is solid and stable. Lay a good foundation. The fees you pay include the lawyers fee, the immigration fee, the registration fee of the American company, the business registration fee of the American company and so on.
5.Registration of American companies: The total cost of registered American companies (including the cost of government registration certificate, material fee, company seal, transportation Express and professional registration service).
6、Registration of American companies: Standard quotation 60% is a deposit, and the rebalance 40% is paid when the US company has completed the registration of the document.
7.A United States company has been registered in the United States. 1) a company license issued by the state government of the United States.
2) the establishment of the laws and regulations of American companies.
3) American companies constitute laws and regulations.
4) American company stock.
5) American company seal.
6) the relevant resolution form of the American company.
8.In the United States, you can enjoy a year of business office services. 1)Provide the registered legal address service of the United States company。
2)Provide telephone, fax, and communication services for American companies。
3)Receiving and delivering services from American company letters。
United Kingdom Company Incorporation
The United Kingdom (UK) is an island country in Western Europe. It is made up of Great Britain (including England, Scotland, Welsh), northeast Ireland and some islets. London is the capital of one of the worlds largest international foreign exchange market and the international insurance center, is one of the largest financial and trade centre in the world, its gross domestic product in the forefront of the western countries, is an important member of the European Union, NATO, the Commonwealth, the Western European Union and 120 international organizations, is the EUs second largest Chinese trading partners. The climate of the marine temperate broad-leaved forest is about six thousand people, and the common English law is the same as that of Hongkong.
How to register in the UK: the 1985 Company Act provides for the registered company in the UK. Although the name of a business group is determined to be based on a certain rule, the registered company does not have to get permission. But companies engaged in regulatory industries such as finance, national defense and oil exploration must be licensed or approved by the government before the opening of the business.
1.The advantages of the United Kingdom Company Incorporation: 1) can open a bank account in China mainland, Hongkong and the United Kingdom;
2) the annual maintenance cost is low, the tax arrangements for public information, convenience, high reliability;
3) if not in British local business, no tax is legal;
4) in major financial markets around the world and listed in Hongkong, relying on the "empire" reputation;
5) high international legal status, protected by the British federal government.
2.The type of British company (the law stipulates four types of companies): 1) private limited liability companies: the responsibility of members is determined by the number of shares held by the
; 2) private Company Limited by Guarantee: the responsibility of members by the promised contribution to the company assets determined;
3) private Unlimited Company: no limit of members of the companys responsibility;
4) listed companies: the stock of the company is sold to the public. Only a listed company can sell the stock to the public.
3.The basic requirements of the United Kingdom Company Incorporation: 1, the name of the British company: the name must end with the "limited company", such as LIMITED, CO., LTD, CO., LIMITED, and cannot end with "trust company", "bank" or other words which are considered to be similar in meaning, unless these companies get the corresponding license in the UK.
2. The registered capital of the British company: the standard capital is 80000 pounds, which is divided into 80000 shares, and 1 pounds per share. No need to check capital, in place, if the number is higher than the number of 5/1000 (0.5%>) to pay for the printing fee.
3. The Director / shareholder of a British company: one or more, a natural person who can be a legal entity or any nationality.
4, British company registration address: the registration address must be in the UK (provided by our company).
4.United Kingdom Company Incorporation handling procedures: 1, the companys name English, names can not have Chinese (our free search, take a day);
2, the companys registered capital, the companys standard capital is 80 thousand pounds, higher than this amount to pay another 5/1000 (0.5%) pound stamp.
3, the United Kingdom Company Incorporation signed a power of attorney, fill in the "registration form" registration of British companies, and provide all the shareholders (more than 18 years of age) ID card or passport copy (shareholders for corporate units to provide the business license of the unit copy);
4, registration service fee shall pay 50% pounds for money (including payment of government fees, fees, fees, stamp documents legal fees, agency fees);
5, about 10 working days, the new company completed the complete set of procedures, the client paid the surplus and received the information of the new company.
5、British company annual maintenance: 1、British companys annual maintenance service costs;
Government licence tax: (a change of government cost pounds);
The anniversary of the declaration data, registered address, registered agent fee: pounds sterling:
2. Continue to use the registered address of the British company.
6、Complete registration of British companies: (1)1 copies of the letter of certification of the industry and Commerce Bureau;
(2) UK company registration certificate in 1 copies;
(3) the first meeting records 1;
(4) the status report 1;
(5) stock 20;
(6) the company meeting record 1 copies of thin;
(7) 5 copies of the articles of association of the company;
(8) the official seal of 3;
(9) British companies operating norms 1;
(10) the application form 1;
(11) the British border metal board registered brand manual rosewood 1;
(12) 1 copies of the cards;
7、Additional related services: 1、British companies open bank accounts for foreign banks in mainland China;
2、British companies apply for trademark registration in the UK or other areas.

United Kingdom Company Incorporation 1. place of registration: the above procedure applies to companies registered in England or Welsh. If a company is established in Scotland or Northern Ireland, it must be registered locally. Scotland is very close to the laws of England and Welsh, and the laws of Northern Ireland are roughly the same, but there are still a lot of differences and advice to consult experts.
2., the name of company and business: the choice of company name is restricted by the relevant regulations. If we dont allow the registration of the same name as a registered company, it implies that the words associated with the royal government will be restricted.
3. other types of registered companies: partners, limited partnership, limited liability partnership (LLP), joint venture company, independent businessman and so on. The
4. company is highly specialized in registration, and it is recommended to consult professional institutions such as lawyers, accounting firms and other firms.

Registered Hongkong company
First, data validation: customers determine the company name and the board of shareholders of
Two, determine the cooperation with our business: United International (Hongkong) Company signed an entrustment agreement:
Three, pay the deposit: the prepaid total cost is 50% deposit.
In four, signing documents: the customer signed the Hongkong government set up file (required Autographed board of shareholders)
Five, documents submitted to the government: officialprocedures
Six, a cardcheck: five eight days out of Hongkong (to the authenticity of the certificate of government audit):
Seven, a green box: customers receive the company information and pay 50% retainage (registered)
Eight, reminder: foreign customers do not need to visit the company also Hongkong company.
1. Service project: Hongkong Companies Registry: Company Registration Certificate (IC):
Hongkong tax bureau: Business Registration Certificate ( IRD)
The Government Printing Office: made in Hongkong, the stock, the articles of the 16 meetings, the green box:
The company has a full set of stamp charge: rust seal, signature chapter, chapter : roundlet
Provide secretarial services: to provide legal Hongkong Wanlian international business (Hongkong) company headquarters will practice professional technicians Advisory Services Secretary give Hongkong tax, The law, accounting, auditing, tax consulting.
2. The annual cost and service of Hongkong company: 1.Business registration certificate of the Hongkong Tax Bureau
2., the annual registration fee of Hongkong company registry, the annual fee and registration address of the registered secretary, the government information cost fee, the annual 1 phone, 1 fax, business. Center address generation, telephone calls, fax receiving; throughout the year to provide processing business documents, government bank letters, information transfer letter
3. making the annual return, submitting the annual report to tax bureau to receive the certificate of business registration:
4. year free accounting and consulting: Hongkong taxation, law, auditing accounts, bank business consulting



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