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FT plug-inCustom service

Trade through a web page
This plug-in allows the use of web browsers to trade through the web pages of the enterprise. It enables iPhone, Android, tablet computers, or other communication devices to be traded.
Allow quotations to go out of time
For some commodities with frequent fluctuations, I need to limit the maximum number of holding hands. This plugin will open the number of goods have been hand detection, is not allowed to exceed the number of original plug-in settings.
Holding hand number limit plug-in
This server plug-in will detect whether an account holds a hedge position, and then will prevent unilateral liquidation.
Skip hedging plug-in
When the customer when we need to cut a margin to the customer, but usually the biggest loss of orders have been forced to lock, and in time, the server will have been the biggest loss of single closed off lock.
This tool allows your trader to define the OCO price list on the server side. For example, you want to provide OCO (one cancels the other) order function to traders.
Multi account trading tools
When you want a fund, manage 1000 transaction accounts in PAMM mode. This tool can help the software package create a real PAMM schema fund.
Its function:
1. Unlimited managed accounts (1000 or more accounts can be managed through a main account)
2. Unrestricted trading frequency
3. Allow an intelligent trading system to run on the main account
4. Offer a commission to investors attracting customers
Commission allocation plug-in
This plug-in charge a part of the agents account for a part of the Commission, and the rest of the Commission is assigned to the two agent. For example: you want to pay a double Commission. You have to pay separately Yong Jins agent and agent (two agent Yong Jin).
A single side warehouse plug-in to prevent hedging from holding
This server plug-in will detect whether an account holds a hedge position, and then prevent unilateral liquidation.
Charging the cost plug-in to a non profit account
This server plug-in can charge an account that does not have a transaction and no profit. For example, you can charge a maintenance service charge to an account that is not held in any position or for a period of time without a transaction.
Option: effective group / commodity /
effective charges Important note: this plug-in can be customized to determine a different charge cycle for daily knots and monthly knots, depending on the companys rules.
Charge for a warehouse
This server plug-in to the retention opening commission at the same time, when traders out and receive a commission.
Options: effective group / effective commodity / charge per hand
Credit rating plug-in
When you offer a certain amount of credit to your customers, you will also have to charge interest for the credit line. This plug-in, which can charge a fee per day from the customers account in proportion as a credit line. You dont do a lot of records every day for the charge and do the work.
1. Effective group
2. Effective goods
3. The standard of each hand
4. Grouping of interest rate standards (group 3%, 5%)
5.List of goods included in each standard group
Multiagent plug-in
This server - side plug-in allows a customers account to correspond to the account of a different agent
1. Group / personal account
2. The number of agents for each or each account can be specified
3. The amount of commission returned to each agent
Important notes. This plug-in can store the information of each account agent in accordance with the requirements of the company.
Household maid plug-in plug-in
This server plug-in will return a certain amount of commission to the open account holder as a servant. This is the new function that the brokerage firm uses to guide their customers.
1. Effective group
2. Effective goods
3. Cost of return for each hand
Important notes:
1. This plug-in can be customized to press flat / day node / month knots, depending on the companys rules.
2. When the maid plug-in is used for monthly knots, it will provide a different total amount.
Open period rent plugin
This server plug-ins to the client after the opening after a period of time.
1. You can set plug-in effects / goods, temporary stay, plug-in start charging days to reduce costs, reduce the cost of the value (per hand calculation)
2. the plug-in can be tailored to the companys needs, such as the different charge for each item, and so on...
Guadan aging set plug
This server plug-in program can automatically check the trading time of each commodity, so that you can delete the price limit, cancel the order or zero the stop loss and stop value when the relevant commodity transaction period is off.
1. Closing the transaction according to the time of limitation of transaction for each hand
2. Clearing the limit order at the end of the limitation of transaction
3. Return the stop and stop value to zero
Anti dead price protection plug-in
This server - side plug-in protects your company from loss when the quote is frozen (it may be caused by very high data flow). Especially in the market turmoil, this plug-in can make a profit from the speculators that appear in this situation.
1. Default
2. low
3. middle
4. high
Denial of transaction plug-in
As all FT services are in a special and extreme case, there may be a delay in the market data. This server plug-in is the best tool to prevent a spot trader from completing a transaction in a short time. This type of transaction request will be identified by a plug-in as a malicious transaction attack (or DDOS flood attack) initiated on the server.
1. It can be configured flexibly according to different groups, goods and even individual customers
2. Identify the customers identity from the comments in the customers information, according to your self defined keyword recognition
3. Set the time interval plug-in the minimum trading volume to open the opening
SMS notification plug-in gateway
Our mobile phone SMS notification plug-in gateway, installed on the server side, it can change in the customers account, notify your customers through mobile phone text messages such as the completion of the new deal, Guadan, deposits, withdrawals.
These options can be set for all groups or individually, and you only need to set this option for the customers who need your SMS service.
1. A single transaction, stop loss, profit and loss
2. Gold and gold
3. Email notification
4. News notice
Email notification



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