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Online tradingMerchandiser system

The best tool to increase the volume of trade

It is the most popular requisite software for fried crude oil, fried gold, fried silver and fry foreign exchange.
The software brings together the industrys top media information analysis and comments (including network, FX168, DailyFX, Huitong, Reuters and Chinese aastocks network, financial network......) Financial events reminding, market data and ETF holding capacity view.

At the same time for N FT account

A shyman can bind N FT accounts. When you deal in your yelling FT

Multiple way setting

The single FT can set the maximum single amount

Direct channel of transaction signal

Through the worlds leading trading signal transmission technology, we achieve milliseconds of transaction signal synchronization for the yelling.

MD5 encryption protection

Risk control and safety guarantee are always the first priority.

Risk control system

We provide 6 large single wind control functions for you to set up. You can set up a different style of documentary and wind control measures for each account to ensure the safety of the account.

Complete backstage management

Documentary, wind control, account opening... As long as it is related to the list of settings, everything.

A single call listTechnological process

Share the documentary (FT yelling)

Bind a FT account for shouting. After binding, investors will trade in the FT account. The order will be automatically synchronized to the corresponding FT account.

Bind a single FT account

The investor is bound to a FT account for a documentary account, which can be a real account or an analog account.

Choose the strategy to follow the list

Investors in the choice of investment professionals (i.e. FT call a single account), through the analysis of the single transaction

Automatic follow up

After confirming the documentary, investors FT account will automatically receive transaction information from experts

The original intention of developing online merchandiser system

In foreign exchange, precious metals spot trading market, called single business documentary is very popular with investors, because many investors may analysis error of judgment on the current market, or profit.

The advantage of using online merchandiser system

For investors, the investment in the FT trading platform, through the use of documentary called single system, follow the footsteps of stock investment experts




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