ComprehensiveMaid system

Comprehensive agentMaid system A "essential tool" Multi agent system is for commissionable Titan technology brokerage tailored rebate settlement platform, through the agent business channel development and successful investors in foreign exchange, spot transactions, can return the corresponding Commission according to the trading volume, the number of transactions.
System5 featureshave
Extensibility The system can be butted with the three party management system such as CRM and finance
Exchange level maid architecture Can meet the exchange, members, agencies, agents, customers
Support for customized development Support based on customer specific demand for home return system, customized development of the maid system
The hierarchical relationship of high viscosity We can visually see the development status of agents at all levels
Configurable flexibility The platform merchants can flexibly configure the systems various
Functional support,More handy
Role management Management backstage supports different roles management, gives different managers different background management rights
Agency audit management Support audit, management of registered customers, audit of IB/MIB clients
Commission parameter setting Support for various agents at all levels to set up a different proportion of domestic service
Gold audit management Support the gold audit mechanism, audit through the gold
Statistical query of report Support members, agencies, agents, customers and other dimensions
Set up accordingMaid
Return to the maid by team ratio The maid scheme refers to the total number of team returns of the entire team for the agent of a certain level, according to the total volume of the teams total transaction. This agent is also part of the teams total amount of return.
Return to the maid according This Remission Scheme refers to the formulation of the amount of personal return that a person can take to a certain level of agent
The maid scheme has two parameters that can be set
Back to the maid by algebra The commission means that the commission that each agent can collect does not depend on the transaction volume of his team
The maid scheme has many parameters to be set, the way back to the maid, the maid maid algebra



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