Exchange level settlement
Carrying millions of users

Fund clearing system

In order to facilitate the daily management of funds settlement department, Titan technology developed capital settlement unified system, applicable to the increasingly complex risk management requirements and market competition environment, assist the exchange to achieve the inflow and outflow of funds, risk control and precise clearing and settlement and other targets.

Realizing capital sharing
The same trader participates in a variety of mode transactions, the funds can be shared and the utilization rate of funds is increased.
Strict financial
We will provide a tight fund management scheme and use the double accounting method to ensure the safety of funds.
Multilevel structure setting
Form a "member unit - the headquarters - bank" three in one fund management system.
Support payment channels
To support most of the main banks and third party payment institutions in China, the docking time is short.

Fund clearing system role

Ensure the security of capital management

The fund settlement system pays much attention to the security of the fund management, and uses the complex accounting method for reference.

Assisting the financial department to deal with the accounts

The transaction platform manager can realize the application of the fund settlement system according to the strict degree of financial management.

Saving time and cost

The development of the fund settlement system supports most of the main banks and third party payment institutions in China, which facilitates transaction participation




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