Cryptocurrency exchange system

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Exchange system

Cryptocurrency exchange system

STANDARD FINTECH cryptocurrency exchange system is a one-stop online service platform specially designed for companies, channels and customers. It provides quick establishment of trading system and business combination recommendation services, helping you to quickly build your own exchange.

Spot trading system

Futures trading system

Off site OTC system

Currency system

Contract system

Legal currency trading system

Liquidity system

Selling system

Data security is impeccable

Data security is impeccable bank level user data encryption, dynamic authentication, multi-level risk identification control, third-party fund custody, real-time data monitoring, to ensure the security of capital transactions

Liquidity support

Gather the liquidity of more than 200 exchanges around the world, provide higher transaction depth and liquidity support, and avoid the troubles of operator acceptors

Rapid deployment, lightweight architecture

B / S architecture, real-time push of information, faster update of K-line data, same screen display of quotations and transactions, simple implementation

High frequency transaction, high concurrent volume

High frequency transaction matching engine, fully based on high frequency concurrent transaction design, stably supports large data volume, high performance and high concurrency

Open API

It provides a simple and powerful API for users, aiming to help users quickly and efficiently integrate the functions of cryptocurrency exchange into their own applications

Full terminal access

Support multi terminal applications such as PC terminal, mobile terminal, web page, real-time data observation, fast transaction anytime, anywhere

Fast money & nbsp; & nbsp; no waiting

Intelligent robot drawing more competitive in the market

Without the participation of technical personnel and long waiting, the exchange can issue new currency in the background by itself, and issue subscription and placement plans for customers to subscribe and place. We can provide the leading robot intelligent drawing plug-in in the industry, which can reasonably avoid risks and make the new currency issued by the exchange more competitive in the market.

Only one transaction account is needed, and there is no need to transfer multiple accounts in and out. The account is opened with wallet

     Support docking with traditionOTC

     Support docking with traditionOTC

     Support docking with traditionOTC

Not only provide trading platform but also build efficient user management system

Online account opening STANDARD FINTECH cryptocurrency exchange system provides a perfect and efficient solution for cryptocurrency exchange to timely understand customer dynamics, master customer data and improve service quality and efficiency, so as to establish a stronger and more lasting business relationship with customers and further optimize the automatic business process.

Open account online

Cash management

Permission assignment

Report statistical analysis

Routine monitoring

Return settlement

One stop building from 0 to 1

STANDARD FINTECH, with more than ten years of software development experience, can provide one-stop service, help you set up an international cryptocurrency exchange with perfect functions and excellent performance in the shortest time, and can be customized according to the needs of customers.

Global customer trust

STANDARD FINTECH exchange products, which are all over the world and expanding continuously, provide the ultimate experience for localization




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