Digital Currency

Digital encryption currency:
new market opportunities for brokers

Digital currency is the electronic currency issued, managed and circulated by P2P P2P technology, including digital gold and password currency.

With the popularity of bitcoin worldwide, digital money has been favored by more financial and government institutions. Compared with paper money, the advantages of digital money are obvious. It can not only save the cost of circulation and circulation, but also improve the efficiency of trading or investment, and improve the convenience and transparency of economic transactions. Therefore, the future will gradually replace banknotes, and the momentum of development is fierce.

At present, the global digital asset exchange Coinbase (GDAX), bitcoin exchange Kraken and Bitfinex have already completed the market transaction deployment of digital encryption currency. In 2018, LMAX, a famous international exchange, also launched a strong variety of digital currency transactions. Digital money trading is bringing new opportunities and strong market development opportunities for brokers.

Coinbase created the first US stock exchange with regular licences to provide trading services to 25 states, including New York and California.

Kraken, a San Francisco based bitcoin exchange, is the most active digital currency exchange in the United States.

Bitfinex is the largest bitcoin trading platform in the world. It supports more than 30 virtual currency transactions such as the Tai Fang and bitcoin. It is the largest trading volume in the world.

LMAX is a FCA - regulated foreign exchange gold exchange, the first European and only one of Europe's top financial companies to use a multilateral trading facility (MTF) with an exchange licence and brokers license.

Standard introduction of rich variety of digital currency trading

In order to cater to the trend of market development, Standard Fintech introduces the variety of digital currency trading, which includes quotation data of the mainstream encrypted currency, such as bitcoin, Wright, bitcoin, bit stock, and Ethernet, for the independent choice of brokers.

Bit stock

Our docking advantage

Mature experience of docking

Has been committed to the transaction system's technical service support, has rich experience accumulation.

Support custom development

According to your needs, we provide customized customization of various trading types.

Access one hand data source

Use authoritative data sources to ensure the best liquidity level of the platform.

Distributed system architecture

Based on distributed system architecture, load balancing and static and dynamic separation are realized.

High bearing capacity of the system

The unique three level cache is extremely high concurrency, supporting tens of thousands of people online transactions at the same time.




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