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360°Intelligent risk control

Risk management is an important part of the financial transaction system. The level of wind control is directly related to whether the platform business can avoid risks and achieve profits in complex market transactions. Since we were founded, we have built the strongest wind control system in the industry as the top priority of the companys development. We established the first wind control research and development center in the industry, and successfully built the cloud shield intelligent wind control system. At present, our wind control system has been upgraded to the 5 edition, and the level of wind control has been in the lead in the industry.

real time monitoring
Risk alarm
Automatic or manual processing

load balancing——Meet the online transactions of millions of customers

Exchange system deployment using a scalable deployment scheme, according to the system load different using different deployment scenarios, so as to realize the dynamic expansion, to ensure that the system can carry a variety of traffic, no system of chuck, data delay risk, ensuring the efficient execution of transactions.

Compared to the traditional hardware load equalizer, our load balancing has the following advantages

testing environment
LinuxMysql memory database Hardware: cpu8 core, memory 16G/32G, hard disk 300G, 6 sets
  • Landing test:

    The 20 thousand people landed at the same time and took 4 seconds.
    Cpu occupies less than 20%
    Within 5% of the memory

  • Internal price single test:

    20 thousand market bills, processing time within 2 seconds
    Cpu takes up 20%
    Memory use 5%

  • Price limit test:

    50 thousand limit list, processing time in 2 seconds
    Cpu occupies less than 60%
    Memory use 20%

Dishonest customer handling

This series of solutions helps dishonest customer handling and reduces the risk caused by these customers. Additional accessories have speculators, market volatility, transaction delay reaction, and include dishonest customer automation discovery functions.

Cheater Finder is the one and only product, the product can deal with a very large amount of information for more than 4. In the process of processing, we find and point out dishonest customers, reduce the loss, and do not need other resources.
• dishonest customer discovery
• risk reduction
• increase in profits

antiscalper VD is a software developed specially for the FT / MT5 trading platform with a speculator reaction. The software can handle all orders, there are several configurations, compatible with the trading platform, and the rest of the appendix 100%.
• Speculator reaction
• Different accounts and customers configuration
• Limit and Stop deal with postponed orders
• Market and Instant support

Тaboo Рlugin is another option that reflects the Speculator and can operate independently. The function of this product is the same as that of Virtual Dealer, but the main difference is that the product has the function of setting the end of the order.
• the reaction of speculators
• use different types of order operations
• Market and Instant support

Price Changer can be used to modify the order / order end price according to the users set point difference index.
• Increase in profit
• Separate account settings

Transaction risk management

If you want to reduce the risk and loss to the customer to continue to cooperate with the Stop Out Plugin. Leverage Changer is a product developed for automation of risk management, which can automatically reduce leverage according to the amount of the account.

If you want to continue to work with customers through risk and loss, use Stop Out Plugin. The main function of the product is different from the stopout standard function of the FT trading platform, which can be set by each account. • Own StopOut algorithm
• Convenient setting
• Specifying different indicators for each customer

The use of Credit Disabler brokers can use a loan to attract more customers. The product will control the state of the customers funds.
• Automatic provision, cancellation of loans
• Not enough money, immediately cancel the business

The use of Tick Controller can quickly modify the foreign exchange quotations according to the user configuration.
• Price difference mark-up
• Tick data into integers and averages

Margin Changer是需要风险管理经纪商应用外附件。采用该产品就可以根据订单名义价格设置margin的变化,并降低经纪商的损失。
• Deposit replacement automation
• Reduce loss
• Standard function increase

Leverage Changer is a product developed for automation of risk management. The use of this product can automatically reduce leverage according to the amount of the account.
• Automation lever update
• Losses caused by large customer losses

The use of Account Monitor can save human resources and strengthen the work control of short-term capital operators.
• Automatic change notice of account amount
• Special settings for each account

The use of Minimum Commission can save brokers time and human resources, and the automated calculation of the product is only a transaction of Commission for brokers.
• Reduce the cost of payment commission
• Multifunction setting

Improve transaction efficiency, save human resources and reduce human error risk by automated confirmation / cancellation of orders.
• Improving the quality of trade
• Increase in profit
• Risk reduction

Save the human resource of brokers, change the price difference automatically according to the timetable, and increase the correctness of the process.
• Use the tool to update the price difference
• Each tool has special settings

Effective time saving, swap changes to the indicators pointed out in MetaTrader 4, and swap updates and changes, resulting in delayed updates.
• Automation for swap updates
• Postpone swap update
• Synchronizing with XLS documents

Help set the price of regular display (for example, when the news report), so you can limit the speculators business.
• Lower risk in the news report

Reducing the number of trading tools can help reduce the risk of market volatility. Because the process is fully automated, money and human resources can be saved.
• Market volatility protection
• Stop and Limit order work
• TakeProfit and StopLoss control

dataSecurity guarantee

Transmission security:
All user access requests are encrypted through the safest SSL, and the encrypted data is transmitted to customer data through HTTPS protocol to prevent user data and transaction information from leaking through the network.
Storage security:
Support MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and PPAS (highly compatible Oracle) engine, default deployment main backup architecture, and provide disaster recovery, backup, recovery, monitoring, migration and other aspects of the complete solution, and thoroughly solve the problem of database operation and maintenance.
reliability Safety Usability Extensibility cost
High reliability guarantee of data DDOS protection Master architecture Elastic dilatancy Low cost of database operation
Automatic data backup IP white list Disaster tolerance in the same city Separation of reading and writing Basic operation and maintenance
Zero cost (machine, network, etc.)
Support data recovery within two years Intercepting SQL injection, violent cracking Intercepting SQL injection, violent cracking

Fix clearing bridge

Fix Bridge is a special product developed by FIX protocol with 4 m, trading platform and liquidity provider. The product meets the requirements of the international banks foreign exchange market and supports functions, bid/ask configuration, and symbol settings that contain markup and spread restrictions.

  • Convenient symbol setting
  • Markup and spread setup systems
  • Market and Instant support
  • Personal account settings
  • Detailed records

Security guarantee of server

Our cooperation with the worlds most widely deployed computer rooms and top tier network providers is more convenient to connect with other large operators in the world, and we have more than 50 PoP points in the world to achieve high stability, low latency and low packet loss rate, and data are automatically backed up at any time.

  • Data backup
  • Three level disaster
  • Monitoring Report
  • Risk notification
  • Automatic or manual processing



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