Mobile tradingOpportunities

STD mobile trading "let business go anywhere"

900 million + potential mobile traders

By the end of 2017

Number of mobile phone users: 900 million

78% surfing the Internet more than 5 times a day

86% use WeChat every day

The doorsill is too high

Small investors are prohibitive

Long sluggish stock and Futures

Investors are eager for new fields

Exclusive FT foreign exchange, precious metal mobile trading system provider

Relying on the WeChat end transaction to serve the market of the whole people

In 2013, the first mobile trading system in China was born in Titan technology. The mobile transaction system is based on WeChat public service number, and is seamlessly connected to the FT platform. No need to download and install apps, we only need to focus on WeChat public service number for small transactions such as stock index, foreign exchange, precious metals, short line trading and other financial derivatives, new mode, new experience.
  • New modePay attention to the WeChat
    public number,You can
    register in gold for a

  • Service plateSmall investment, large
    customer volume.Facilitate
    the cultivation of high
    quality passenger sources
    for large plates

  • ArtifactWeChats circle of friends
    share a large number of
    users Spread of two
    dimensionalcode to realize
    viral transmission

  • Micro threshold1 minutes to learn,
    simple interface
    "0" activation conditions,
    small input

  • Great energyImplementing monitoring,
    facing 700 million WeChat
    users Deal with the market
    in time and seize the first
    opportunity of the market

  • Real disk1 second to build a
    simulation account to
    reduce the risk Low
    threshold and no
    liability risk

Auto marketing "virus marketing" for you to achieve rapid extension

In mobile trading system, every customer has two identities as a trader and a communicator, and the profit information can be shared in the circle of friends. With the independent two-dimensional code, scanning code can be traded and automatically joined in the system.

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Multimodal support to meet wider needs

Titan mobile transaction system supports distributed services. It can support tens of thousands of customers and support various online trading modes such as market making, membership, listing, matching, bidding, OTC, hybrid system and so on. Short line trading mode. The strong combination of trading methods makes the STD mobile trading system more obvious, and the enterprise needs only one public service number. The new model of short line transaction can be added to the mobile trading system.

One station full set of service, let you worry!

Business advantage

has the advantages of simple operation, rich variety of transactions, suitable for any class investment;
Support and self-service account funds from various channels
0 quotations data stability 0 capital channel

Operational advantages

with integrated commissionable agent marketing system and share a key customer recommendation function,
The exchange is necessary extension off artifact
0 fast development channel 0 high efficiency market promotion

Performance advantage

running on the Linux system, support for millions of people online at the same time,
Continuous treatment ten thousand pen / sec /

Deployment advantage

a key deployment, main / standby server double deployment; "mirror" backup,
Automatic switching

Operation and maintenance advantage

operation and maintenance personnel authority management layer, danger automatic SMS,
Mail processing

Wind control advantage

wind control automation, data graph, system status at a glance;
Key information encryption transmission and storage
10 comprehensive wind control management 0 multi dimension statistical report



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