Dealer Solution
Risk control solution

Dealer Solution

Omni-directional risk control and management function

The risk control solution (Dealer Solution) provides an omni-directional risk control management function for the electronic trading system. Identifying different risks through effective risk monitoring methods. The effective measures such as avoiding risk, transferring risk, reducing loss and undertaking risk are adopted to ensure the smooth and healthy development of the trading platform.

Risk Management

Real time monitoring of customer accounts and trade orders, including customer login IP, location, transaction habits, transaction volume, transaction volume, profit and loss, etc., and multi-dimensional and omnidirectional analysis of customer nature, so as to achieve automatic discovery of dishonest customers.

Risk management

Brokers will group managers with dishonest customers, and programmed batch processing can enable brokers to enhance the efficiency of wind control and achieve the real "right medicine". Customize the variety of each customer group, We can set a single transaction limit, the maximum number of hands, the point difference and the handling fee according to the transaction variety, and can also set different transaction levers at the same time.

For dishonest customers, brokers can deal with freezing, prohibition, and cancellation, and can also defrost and unban it and restore the normal business of customers.


The transaction terminal can not carry on the order, can carry on the entry and exit operation, needs to pass the manual audit.


The transaction terminal is unable to carry on the login operation.

Write off

The transaction terminal is unable to carry on the login operation

Hedge Bridge Service

Fix clearing bridge - transfer transaction risk

Fix Bridge is a special product developed by FIX protocol with 4 m, trading platform and liquidity provider. The product meets the requirements of the foreign exchange market between international banks. It also supports functions, bid/ask configuration, and symbol settings that contain markup and spread restrictions.

Wind control plug-in

  • Trade through a web page

  • Allow quotations to go out of time

  • Holding hand number limit plug-in

  • Skip hedging plug-in

  • Traders OCO

  • Multi account trading tools

  • Commission allocation plug-in

  • A single side warehouse plug-in to prevent hedging from holding

  • Charge for a warehouse

  • Credit rating plug-in

  • Charging the cost plug-in to a non profit account

  • Multiagent plug-in

  • Household maid plug-in plug-in

  • Open period rent plugin

  • Guadan aging set plug

  • Anti dead price protection plug-in

  • Denial of transaction plug-in

  • SMS notification plug-in gateway




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