Feed Solution

Feed Solution

Feed Solution to introduce the data sources of international special lines, such as the precious metal exchange of London, the Tokyo commodity exchange, Intercontinental Exchange, the Chicago exchange, the Shanghai futures exchange and so on.

The variety of the data includes foreign exchange, bonds, futures, funds, indices and precious metals.
It can provide high quality financial data services for financial institutions, government, enterprises, media and so on 24 hours a day.
Source acquisition, top-level liquidity support
Accurate and reliable
· Data obtained from the source to ensure transparency and delivery of quotations It is easy to be accurate.
Real time stability
· In strict accordance with the order of price, no "re - re" Quote "question.
Complete variety
· Rich trading varieties to meet different investors Transaction demand.
Direct line
· 24 hours stable and efficient transmission to achieve the best delivery Easy to perform quality.



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