Trader Solution

Diversity selection and multifunction support

Trader Solution

Traders solutions (Trader Solution), with online accounts, cash management, trade, training, documentary and other business functions
for traders, computer, mobile phone, Pad supports a variety of devices a variety of client transaction system.

Open account registration

Smooth online opening process, closely interworking with the backstage management system, sharing of system accounts

Customer online office

The business service platform, such as account, capital, transaction record and agent team, is a comprehensive self-service Center for investors.

Transaction client

Support different systems of computers, mobile phones, Pad and other systems to meet the trading habits of different investors

Live video studio

Provide financial calendar, real time news, price quotations and famous teacher courses for investors and use various tools for targeted market analysis

Intelligent follow up community

Reminding industry information analysis, financial event reminding, market data and trading strategy. Policy Division and investor can bind account and call list.

Customer online office
Efficient management platform

Perfect customer online management platform, brokers can quickly and orderly customer management and transaction management, business process is simplified to simple

A convenient management platform

Provide online self service integration services, login system can open account, cash in, transaction settings and other operations, while also inquiring transaction details, receiving market data, financial information.

A complete trading side for choice
PC trading side
PC web trading side
Android app trading side
iOS app trading side
H5 web trading side
Essential investors - the merchandiser

Online trading documentary system can help investors follow the trading gurus, quickly capture the investment "signal",
improve investor's trading quality and profitability, and it is the best weapon to increase customer volume.




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