Broker Solution
Brokers (exchange) solutions

Broker Solution

An efficient management system tailored for brokers (exchanges)

Broker (Solution) provides brokers, exchanges, business operations, business management and business analysis.
CRM management

In accordance with the needs of the organization, the management of the latent and unsigned customers can be used to add, maintain, inquire, return and prepare for all channel customers.

Management of foreign exchange transactions

Set up transactional foreign exchange varieties, trading methods (number of hands / transactions per transaction) and related fees and other details, which can be managed in groups for different organizations.

Real time monitoring

Real-time monitoring of customer and agency holding, investment and risk rate, timely discovery of the risk in the transaction, help the dishonest customer discovery and processing.

Live video operation

Room management, lecturer management, curriculum management, member management, authority management, management and management of video broadcast business.

Organizational management

Role based privilege management can set exclusive roles for different institutions and allocate corresponding control privileges, such as business management, configuration management and monitoring statistics.

MTF transaction management

Through the way of MTF matchmaking, the operation centers, clearing houses, brokers, IB and investors in the trading platform will be matched by the principle of price priority and time priority.

Business analysis

Through the form of reports, we can make statistical analysis of the data of institutions and customers, such as settlement statements, return reports, positions, details, account funds and profits, profit and loss statements, etc.

Intelligent merchandising

You can set the number of hands, according to the proportion of the maximum and minimum amount of documentary single hand number, maximum position, mode, risk control, documentary account enabled Goods are available in all varieties. settings.

Fund management

It includes the definition of the entry and exit system, the audit management of the entry and exit, the bank and the third party payment channel, etc. It is easy to manage the transaction funds and meet the diversified demands of the customers.

Option trading management

The parameters such as variety, type, transaction time, investment, etc. can be set up flexibly, and can be managed in groups, so that everything is in control.

Promoting the operation of activities

According to user's behavior such as opening, trading, sharing and recommending, we can customize bonus ways such as gifts, points and commission, increase user participation and share the enthusiasm of recommendation, and improve the popularity and activity of platform.

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Broker Solution Predominance

Powerful backstage management
Safe, convenient and systematic function management, simplified process
A perfect reporting system
The details are detailed, and no matter how complicated the accounts can follow
Role based authority management
Support the allocation of exclusive rights for the exclusive roles of institutions, channels and customers
Rich business management
To expand and serve the customer - centered management system, customized for brokers / exchanges.



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