The transformation of traditional financial ITFinancial cloud computing

Financial cloud solution

We provide customized cloud computing service, which has low cost, high elasticity, high availability, security and compliance characteristics of
Helping brokers to transform from traditional financial IT to financial cloud computing, providing a complete "cloud, end, number" capability

Two major models

Financial public cloud
Bag check mode, IT hardware Zero investment, zero cloud infrastructure maintenance, direct access through the internet.

Financial cloud exclusive high specification physical cluster

Special high grade safety cleaning
Financial cloud
The financial cloud serves banking, securities, insurance, funds and other financial institutions.
Microfinance zone
Service to Internet financial machines, such as P2P, small loan, public financing, consumer finance and so on.
Financial proprietary cloud
The self built / CO built model meets the needs of the large financial institutions that need an independent cloud machine room with complete physical isolation.

Cloud computing, big data platform output to the customers data center:

Financial cloud exclusive products

Cloud server ECS
Special physical cluster, advanced security service, high quality IO guarantee, high quality customer service. Higher specification SLA guarantee The availability of the financial cloud ECS is 99.95%, and the reliability is 99.9999% IO performance guarantee Financial cloud clusters adopt a more reliable and abundant resource allocation mechanism, and extreme conditions can effectively avoid resource scrambling.The performance jitter. External port detection The default does not open the Internet access port. If the customer has the business necessity, the risk is evaluated by the security team.In addition to security risks, open the appropriate access control rights. Graphical security group configuration tool Provide a graphical security group configuration tool to facilitate user operation and improve security level.
Cloud database RDS
The exclusive physical cluster, disaster recovery services, advanced backup and rollback service. Higher specification SLA guarantee Financial cloud database availability is 99.97%, and the reliability is 99.999999%. Data is more secure Financial cloud database supports SQL Server 2008R2 and MySQL5.5, 5.6, using strong synchronization mode to ensure Data security. The main two center and remote disaster recovery On the basis of the citys dual center, the financial cloud RDS also provides a remote and one-way data replication function to support the users. The two pine to build their own disaster recovery system three center, a higher standard to ensure business continuity. Advanced backup and rollback policy The default backup time of the financial cloud database is 30 days (the default of Gong Youyun is 7 days), and the customer can also customize the data Backup time, support the recovery of data to 5 years at any time point.
Exchange core Cloud Architecture deployment
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Why do you choose the STD financial cloud
Safety regulation financial room

Financial cloud computing and storage resource cluster is completely independent from public cloud from the physical server level. The construction of financial computer room complies with the banking level safety supervision and compliance requirements, which is in line with the requirements of the financial regulatory level.

Secure and flexible network access

Provide communication enterprises and cloud Ali financial room, you can select the line or IPSecVPN access, to meet the financial business interoperability among multiple institutions; multi operator BGP access, so that your users no matter where, from which operators access, access to your server has the same high-quality user experience.

Exclusive service for financial clients

One to one exclusive architect service, in-depth understanding of the industry, providing architecture design, cloud migration, technology guidance and other services; professional after-sales engineer team to provide 7*24 hour uninterrupted technical services, quick response to work orders.

Multi Center disaster tolerance

At present, providing a plurality of Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao financial zone, you can easily deploy city double live and off-site disaster recovery business disaster recovery structure, with the default city disaster recovery characteristics, fault level automatic switching room second, ensure business continuity.

Secure and flexible network access

It provides a completely isolated and fully controlled virtual network entirely through VPC. It can also make VPC and traditional data center form an on-demand customized network environment through special line / VPN connection mode, so as to achieve smooth migration of application to cloud.

Exclusive service for financial clients

Through the cloud, fast and light butt to other business points, ant gold clothing, Tmall, Taobao and other Internet channels access, to promote financial business sound innovation.

High grade safety protection

Provides a high level of financial security for the customer, the prophet help the public test service loophole examination, 100 G DDoS Defense Center readilyenable, 5 minutes to take effect, Taobao Tmall in WAF, increased 100 times hackers infiltrated difficulty, big data security analysis platform to help customers Jian Lian full monitoring and defense system.

Special equipment trusteeship

Provide special equipment hosting service for financial customers to meet the actual needs of your business.

Fast mining of the value of financial data

Large data solutions help financial data pressure to become data advantages, and massive financial data analysis changes the financial operation model.

Simple 6 step, experience financial cloud service

Immediately certify, enjoy the financial cloud exclusive physical cluster.

Application certification has become a financial cloud user. According to your organization type and cloud resource needs, we choose "financial cloud" or "micro finance area" certification. After certification is submitted, we will complete the audit within 3 working days.

Before you do financial cloud authentication, you need to know:

After 1. accounts join the financial cloud, the application resources will only go to the financial cluster, and can not reach the public cloud cluster.

2. the resources of the financial cloud need to access, manage and carry out the data interaction through the VPN token / line form, and the special line will also involve the special line access fee.

Under the requirements of safety compliance, you need to complete the firms real name certification, and you can open and use the financial cloud normally.

Real name authentication >

In order to improve the security of the financial cloud console, the account password + dynamic digital token dual authentication can be used to manage the specific service. Please do multifactor authentication (MFA) first and bind to the Ali cloud account.

Open MFA authentication immediately > Managing MFA >

At present, the financial cloud has three independent machine rooms in Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Qingdao, and the microfinance area has an independent cluster in Hangzhou. Please go to purchase and open service according to your needs.

Difference between financial cloud and microfinance area Noueoon Suchi Financial cloud recommendation architecture

The financial cloud implements a strict network isolation strategy. In addition to the public network SLB, other services can not be accessed by the public network. Remote connection of ECS and other products to carry out daily operation and maintenance, need to open the management of VPN. Management VPN is based on SSL VPN, and financial cloud users can use it free of charge.

(Shenzhen financial clouds are all isolated through VPC and can skip this step)

Self-help opening VPN >

For example, financial services need to interact in multiple institutions, and the financial cloud provides two access ways in network transmission: IPSec VPN access and line access.

Special line / IPSec VPN access application >



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