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STANDARD FINTECH HOLDING LIMITED is an integrated international financial technology service , which provides total solutions and services for financial clearing institutions, brokering agencies and government regulators.

STANDARD FINTECH HOLDING LIMITED is proficient in the integrated services of planning consultation, software research and development, technology service, system integration and system maintenance, which special artificial intelligence and intelligent large data about the financial derivatives system such as forex, precious metals, stock index, spot commodity, and so on.

Over the years, STANDARD FINTECH HOLDING LIMITED takes technical services as the core.With many years financial IT construction experience, the profound insight and understanding of the Internet, STANDARD FINTECH HOLDING LIMITED drive the innovation and development about high quality products and services for financial institutions.

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Ten years of experience

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Since the founding of STANDARD FINTECH HOLDING LIMITED, we have been working on high quality brokers to provide international leading technical support and solutions for partners. This includes platform development, risk control, server leasing and back-end support, and financial training support provided by senior broker experts, helping our partners have absolute platform advantages and long-term profitability in the financial sector. At the same time, we also take continuous improvement and breakthrough as our responsibility. We will maintain the leading position in the industry through product innovation and develop together with brokers to create a financial technological ecosystem.

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