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STANDARD FINTECH is a comprehensive international financial technology service company, which provides technical support for international financial clearing institutions, brokers and government regulators. Focus on precious metals, stock index, futures and other software system maintenance and supporting function research and development service.

Comprehensive and professional FT supporting service program
Based on the world's most classic FT platform customized development, one station style provides a full set of services to meet your system functions, market operation of all aspects of the needs.

Overseas company registration

Help to complete the registration of overseas companies such as Hongkong.

Application of financial licence

Provide regulatory licence applications, including ASIC, NFA, FSA, CYSEC, and Cyprus.

International dedicated line data source

Set up the international special line data channel, data from the source

Integrated agent

Brokers expand the most important tools in the market, support multi level domestic incentive.

Payment channel customization

Support the docking of domestic mainstream banks, domestic three party payment companies.

Risk control plug-in customization

Including account monitoring, transaction monitoring, quotation monitoring plug-in.

Fix bridge

Fix liquidation bridge effectively bridging international liquidity suppliers can put their positions directly.

Fund clearing system

Make a daily non liability settlement to the trading assets, commission.

Financial websites

Customized development of professional financial websites,real-time market update.

Advanced operation mode support

360 degree omni-directional wind control management

Trade risk management

Through the Fix bridge, the transaction risk is directly hedged to the international market. more >

Dishonest handling

Risk-control group management for dishonest customers can be treated by freezing, disable, and cancellation. more >

Data security

Full platform SSL encryption, the highest security level of customer access and data transmission; more >

Server stability

Using load balancing technology deployment, special BGP server, financial cloud deploying millions of customer transaction requirements more >

Risk-control plug-in

According to the individual needs of different customers, providing a customized vegetative development of functional FT system more >

Audit of entry and exit

Closely monitoring, supporting the dual review of manual audit, financial audit and wind control audit more >



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