Risk control and accurate settlement

Improve capital utilization

Fund settlement system

In order to facilitate the daily management of the fund settlement department, Titan Technology has developed a unified fund settlement system, which is suitable for increasingly complex risk management requirements and market competition environment, assists exchanges in realizing the inflow and outflow of funds, and realizes risk control and precise settlement and settlement. the goal. At the same time, when the same dealer participates in multiple trading modes, its funds can be shared, which greatly improves the dealer’s capital utilization rate.

  • Realize fund sharing

    The same trader participates in multiple trading modes, and funds can be shared and the utilization rate of funds can be improved.

  • Strict financial management

    Provide rigorous fund management plan, adopt double-entry bookkeeping method to guarantee fund security in all aspects.

  • Multi-level structure setting

    Form a trinity fund management system of "member unit-headquarters-bank".

  • Support tripartite channel

    Support the docking with most mainstream banks in China and many third-party payment institutions, and the docking time is short.

The role of the fund settlement system

The function of capital settlement system

Ensure the safety of fund management

The fund settlement system attaches great importance to the safety Expand all+

Auxiliary financial processing

The manager of the trading platform can implement the application of Expand all+

Save time and cost

The developed fund settlement system supports the docking of most Expand all++
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