Comprehensive agent rebate system

Efficient marketing platform supports multiple rebate methods

Comprehensive agent rebate system

Brokers' "necessary weapon" for effective market expansion

The multi-level agent rebate system is a settlement rebate platform tailored by Titan Technology for brokers. Through the development of business channels of agents, investors can successfully open an account and conduct foreign exchange, spot transactions, etc., according to the transaction volume, number of transactions, etc. Return the corresponding commission. IB agency is an important source of customers, and the comprehensive agency rebate system is the most important tool for brokers to expand the market.

The system integrates 5 major features

  • Strong scalability

    It can realize the docking of the rebate system and the three-party management system such as CRM and finance, which facilitates the integrated management of funds, channels, and customers by brokers.

  • Hierarchical relationship

    ou can intuitively see the development status of agents at all levels, direct customers at all levels, transaction volume, daily rebate statistics, total rebate amount, etc.

  • Exchange-level rebate structure

    To meet the needs of exchanges, members, institutions, agents, customers and other roles involved in settlement rebates, and to support proportional rebates of IB under the umbrella.

  • Configurable flexibility

    Platform providers can flexibly configure the system's various commission rebate parameters according to their own operational needs, which can almost meet all your needs for the rebate system.

  • Support customized development

    Support the customized development of a rebate system based on the customer's unique rebate system requirements to achieve a multi-dimensional perfect combination of rebate, settlement and trading.

Functional support, more handy

  • Role management

    The management back-end supports management by role, grants different managers different back-end management permissions, and realizes the on-demand distribution of financial, risk control, statistics and agent management permissions, independent of each other.
  • Agency audit management

    Support review, management of registered customers, review of IB/MIB customers, and support customers' applications for regional and city agency needs.
  • Commission parameters

    Supports setting different rebate ratios for all levels of agents, supports unlimited levels of rebates, equal-level rebates, and under umbrella agents.
  • Withdrawal review

    Support the withdrawal review mechanism, and withdraw funds only after passing the review, avoiding transaction risks, and truly ensuring the safety of funds.
  • Report statistics query

    Supports different dimensions of commission detailed reports for members, institutions, agents, customers, etc., so that users at each level can query and view the results of commission rebates.

Set up the rebate method according to business needs

Team Proportion Rebate

Algebra rebate

Level proportional rebate

For a certain level of agent, according to the total transaction volume of the team, the total amount of the team commission for the entire team is designated. And this agent, within the total rebate of the team, first allocates a part to other agent teams in its direct offline as a commission, and then allocates it to the rest after the offline. The downline also allocates the remaining part to the downline in this way, and so on. This rebate program has three parameters that can be set, the rebate method, the rebate standard and the level of the rebate ratio.

The commission that each agent can charge does not depend on his team’s transaction amount, but on the total amount of offline transactions within a given generation.
This rebate program has multiple parameters that can be set, such as the rebate method, the maximum rebate generation, the rebate standard for self-trading volume, and the rebate standard for the n-generation offline transaction volume.

This rebate scheme refers to a certain level of agency, based on the total transaction volume of the team and the level of the agency, to determine the amount of personal rebate that a person can get. The difference between this rebate program and the rebate program based on the team ratio is that the member sets the rebate amount for each level, and this amount is not allocated to the downline.
This rebate program has two parameters that can be set, the rebate method and the rebate standard.

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