Third-party payment solutions

Provide Huanxun, UnionPay, Tonglian, Huichao,
Baofu,Development and docking services for various payment interfaces such as Epro and WeChat

Bank payment channel

Support the docking of payment channels and transaction systems of domestic mainstream banks such as Bank of China, Agricultural Bank, Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Minsheng Bank, and China CITIC Bank.

Third-party payment channel

In order to facilitate the management of transaction funds and meet the diverse payment needs of customers, we have customized and developed a special third-party payment interface for the transaction system, which can meet the easy docking of the transaction system and any payment channel.

  • Mainstream bank

    Support debit card and credit card payment of 26 domestic mainstream banks.
  • Stable and reliable

    Support simultaneous docking of multiple third-party payment channels to ensure that funds can flow in and out in real time.
  • Security

    The information is encrypted by 128-bit SSL, which provides strong security for fund management.
  • No involvement in capital flow

    Only develop the interface to meet the docking realization of the payment system and the transaction system.
  • Isolated deployment

    Have an independent deposit and withdrawal management backgroun
Deposits arrive in the account in seconds, and withdrawals support T+0, T+1, T+2 modes
Multiple payment methods
We have established long-term cooperative relationships with more than 10 third-party payment companies.


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Support multiple payment methods

Online banking

Bank card payment

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