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Mobile transaction

In 2013, the first domestic mobile transaction system (mobile transaction + WeChat) was born in Standard. In 2019, Standard independently developed a mobile trading + Facebook system to serve the global trading market. The mobile trading system conducts transactions based on WeChat and Facebook public service accounts, seamlessly docking with the exchange (broker) market, no need to download and install applications, just follow the service number to conduct foreign exchange, precious metals, futures, stock index and other financial derivatives Small transactions.

  • New model Follow WeChat or Facebook
    account,you can register to
    deposit for trading

  • Micro-operation threshold 1 minute to learn, simple
    "0" activation condition, small

  • Serving the big market Investment is small and
    client volume is large
    Facilitate the cultivation of
    high-quality customers for
    the market

  • Micro risk and huge energy Implement monitoring,
    targeting 3 billion mobile
    users; Deal with it in time to
    seize market opportunities

  • Tuoke Artifact WeChat/Facebook "One Click
    Two-dimensional code
    promotion to achieve viral spread

  • Multiple transaction types support conventional foreign
    exchange, ups and downs
    options, points
    Different transaction types
    such as spread options

A must-have "Tokker Artifact" with customers all over the world

For 3 billion+ potential mobile traders
  • 1.1 billion WeChat users

  • 2.3 billion Facebook users

  • Low thresholdSmall transaction possible

  • No download requiredConvenient operation

Spontaneous "viral marketing" for you to achieve rapid customer expansion

  • Multistage agent rebate

    Based on WeChat/Facebook promotion and sharing, commission rebates according to performance and level
  • Sharing funds

    Share profit orders, earn "share money", increase transaction order volume and platform activity
  • Earn together

    Deposit to send bonus, when the conditions of bonus conversion are met, the agent can get extra rewards

Multi-platform support, account information synchronization

Plug and play, support customized development of functions

Trading client
Member management system

Mobile APP
Ios Trading Client
Android trading client

Open an account online
Trade anytime

WeChat account opening
WeChat transaction

Multi-mode support to meet a wider range of needs

The STANDARD mobile trading system supports distributed services, can support tens of thousands of customers online at the same time, and supports multiple trading modes such as market making, membership, listing, matching, bidding, OTC, and mixed systems. Optional plus short-term trading mode. The combination of trading methods makes the advantages of the STANDARD mobile trading system more obvious. Companies only need a public service account or Facebook account to add the new model of short-term trading to the mobile trading system.

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Business advantage

Simple operation, rich trading varieties, suitable for any investment class;

Support self-service account opening and multiple funding channels

○ Stable quotation data ○ Multiple funding channels

Performance advantage

Runs on linux system, supports millions of people online at the same time,

Continuous and stable processing of 10,000 pens/sec

○ Meet millions of users ○ Efficient order execution

Operation and maintenance advantages

Hierarchical management of operation and maintenance personnel permissions, automatic SMS,

Email notification operation and maintenance personnel processing

○ Backstage management by roles ○ Strong functional expansion

Operational advantages

With a comprehensive agent rebate marketing system and one-click sharing and recommending customers function,

It is a must-have "toke artifact" for exchanges

○ Rapid development of channels ○ Efficient marketing

Deployment advantages

One-click deployment, dual deployment of main/standby server; "mirror" backup,

Automatically switch when encountering problems

○ Financial cloud server ○ Financial cloud deployment

Risk control advantage

Wind control automation, data charting, system status at a glance;

Key information encrypted transmission and storage

○ Comprehensive risk control management ○ Multi-dimensional statistical reports

5 easy steps to build a mobile trading system

The distance between you and 3 billion is only one mobile trading system
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • Apply for corporate WeChat official account, Facebook account, we help carry out

  • Open WeChat, Facebook Pay, Mobile payment such as third-party payment

  • Provide mobile transaction trading rules, Submit personal or corporate information

  • STANDARD professional team for you Custom development and deployment

  • Mobile trading system construction Complete, go online

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