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Online transaction copy system

The best weapon to increase transaction volume

Copying orders is the most popular necessary software for crude oil, gold, silver and foreign exchange speculation, with powerful functions and extremely fast information. The software brings together the information and comment analysis of the industry’s top media (including, FX168, DailyFX, Hexun, Reuters Chinese website, Asdaq Finance Network...), financial event reminders, market data and ETF holdings viewing, and transactions Various functions such as strategy reference. It can help callers use one FT account to push trading signals to countless FT accounts to help other accounts follow the operation

  • Trade for N FT trading accounts at the same tim
    The caller can bind N FT accounts. When you trade in your order FT, we will push your foreign exchange gold order to the copy FT account
  • Multiple copy mode settings
    The documentary FT system can set the risk control of the maximum order volume, the minimum number of lots, and the maximum position of the order by lot and proportionally.
  • Direct trading signal channel
    We use the world's leading trading signal transmission technology to achieve millisecond-level trading signal synchronization for callers.
  • MD5 encryption protection
    Risk control and safety assurance are always the top priority. Titan uses the most advanced MD5 encryption technology to protect your account security.
  • Risk control system
    We provide 6 major documentary risk control functions for you to set. You can set different copy methods and risk control measures for each account to maximize the security of the copy account.
  • Complete background management
    Documentary method, risk control method, account activation... As long as the settings related to documentary, everything is available.
Follow the order process

Sharing and copying (calling for FT system)

Sharing and copying (calling for FT system)

Bind an FT system account for calling orders. After binding, investors will trade in this FT system account, and their orders will be automatically synchronized to the corresponding FT system account for copying.

Fully automatic documentary (FT system documentary)

  • Bind a copy of the FT system account

    The investor binds an FT system account for copying, which can be a real account or a simulated account.

  • Choose the strategy to copy

    Investors can choose from among the available investment experts (ie the FT system call order account), through the analysis of their transaction orders, the observation of the yield, the leverage ratio, the number of followers, etc., after having an overall understanding of the investment strategy, choose One or more billing accounts, and confirm whether to copy the bill.

  • Auto copy

    After confirming the copy, the investor’s FT system account will automatically receive the transaction information from the expert, and follow the transaction expert to trade 24 hours a day. The entire copy process is completely completed by the system, without the need for investors to step by step. stare.

The original intention of developing an online documentary system

In the spot trading markets such as foreign exchange and precious metals, the business of order copying is very popular with investors. Many investors may make mistakes in the current market analysis or make mistakes in the stop-profit and stop-loss settings. So, how can we get profit and carry out all-round learning in the shortest time? In response to this problem, Titan Technology developed the FT system to call and follow the order system. This system has powerful functions. Once it goes online, it immediately gets the attention and consultation of many companies.

Advantages of using online documentary system

For investors, when investing on the FT trading platform, they follow the footsteps of investment experts, carry out spot investment and learn, and automatically synchronize trading strategies through the use of the documentary calling system. Investors are equivalent to following a professional operation. For the investment team, this is undoubtedly quite attractive for novice investors.

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