Trader Solution

Trader solutions

Diversified selection and multi-function support
Online account opening • Fund management • Transaction settings

Trader Solution

Trader solutions

Trader Solution (Trader Solution) provides traders with online account opening, fund management, trading, training, order copying and other business functions. It supports trading clients with multiple systems such as computers, mobile phones, and Pads.

Account registration

Smooth online account opening process, close intercommunication with the back-end management system, sharing of system accounts, realizing a convenient self-service account opening experience

Online Office

Provide investors with business service platforms such as accounts, funds, transaction records, agent teams, etc. It is a comprehensive self-service center for customers

Trading client

Support different system transactions on computers, mobile phones, Pads and other devices to meet the trading habits of different investors

Live video room

Provide investors with financial calendar, real-time news, exchange rate quotation and famous teacher courses, and use various tools to conduct targeted market analysis

Smart copy

Converges functions such as industry information analysis, financial event reminders, market data, and trading strategies. Strategists and investors can bind accounts for copying and calling orders

Customer Online Office

Efficient management platform for brokers Complete online customer management platform. Brokers can quickly and orderly conduct customer management and transaction management, simplifying business processes.

Convenient management platform for investors provides customers with online self-service integrated services. You can log in to the system to perform account opening, deposit and withdrawal, transaction settings and other operations. At the same time, you can query transaction details, receive market data, and financial information

Friendly operation interface

Comprehensive system functions

Strong system pertinence

Large customer load

Complete trading terminal for choice

  • FT-ClassicTrading
    C version PC trading terminal

  • FT-ComTrading (Internal)
    FT-ProTrading (External)
    Flash version of PC trading terminal

  • FT-WebTrading
    PC web version

  • FT-MobTrading
    Self-developed board app trading terminal

  • FT-M4Trading
    Green version of the app

  • FT-WeTrading
    Microdisk package version

  • FT-H5Trading
    H5 transaction terminal

  • FT-VVTrading
    Microdisk version

Investors must-have documentary artifact

The online trading copy system can help investors follow the trading masters, quickly capture investment "signals", improve investor transaction quality and profitability, and is the best weapon to increase customer trading volume.

Auto copy no manual operation required
Automatically sync every transaction

Data synchronization The fastest-executing documentary system , Follow the strategist

Quick extension of customers Transparent and attractive strategist transaction data
More copy transactions

Leading solutions and full service system
Let you build the most excellent system in the shortest time and the lowest cost
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