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The website is not a work of art, but a marketing service. Titan Technology specializes in providing "marketing-oriented" financial website construction services. While satisfying the needs of shaping and packaging brand pictograms, the website also locks in search engines, thus having a higher customer consultation volume and conversion rate, and enabling traders to open accounts online and deposit and withdraw funds online.

Scalable flexibility

Financial product solutions should also be a content-rich software platform. In addition to providing some pre-configured functions, it should also have strong configurability and customer customization capabilities to support the development of the industry and the market. Through the expansion mechanism, realize the needs of new business, new business model and new configuration

Comprehensive connectivity

Most current e-commerce tools are browser-based, but it is important for customers to provide a way to access time-sensitive data in a timely manner, regardless of its physical location. Customers need to access relevant information when they think it is convenient, so that they can take action conveniently anywhere and at any time. Therefore, for a complete financial industry solution, it should not only provide browser-based access, but also provide access interfaces based on mobile phone WAP websites, PDAs and other different devices

Seamless integration

In the financial industry, there must already be some traditional application systems, and many separate business systems, such as business intelligence systems, accounting systems, customer relationship management systems, and so on. The solution should be able to achieve the integration of many systems through standard methods or interfaces, truly establish a dynamic and frictionless trading environment and application platform, and provide customers with better services

Based on an open, standard architecture

Since the financial industry is a traditional industry with a large customer base, the solution must ensure the long-term applicability, scalability and interoperability of the electronic platform established by the solution. At present, in response to these needs, it is necessary to adopt industry standard technologies, such as using Java, ASP.NET, PHP language to ensure the operability of the platform, XML, WEBSERVICE to achieve the consistency of data transmission and exchange, and PKI, LDAP and TPA and other related technologies.

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  • Ordinary
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Financial dedicated independent server deployment
  • International top-level domain name (unlimited number of bindings)
  • Adopt mainstream development archite
  • Provide company logo design
  • 7*24 hours free maintenance support
  • Data security encryption mechanism
  • functional module
  • Content management system
  • Online account opening system
  • Money management system
  • Member Management System
  • Advertising management system
  • Picture Management System
  • Message Management System
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