All-round Financial License Application

Assist in applying for financial licenses in multiple countries

Financial license application

Australia ASIC service items include:

  • Australian company registration ASIC website search Australian local bank account USD/AUD account
  • The processing cycle is 20 days
  • Subsequently, monthly cost: 300 AUD/month (company address service fee)

Certification of the Australian Embassy in Chin

U.S. NFA service items include:

  • U.S. company registration U.S. bank account number NFA online search
  • The processing cycle is 22 days
  • Nature of regulatory content: EXEMPT COMMODITY POOL OPERATOR
  • Effect: It is convenient for agency promotion, suitable for medium and large institutions to increase the influence of supervision.
  • Subsequent monthly cost: 500 USD/month (company address service fee)

British FCA service items include:

  • UK company registration UK bank account FCA authorization inquiry
  • The processing cycle is 2 months
  • Nature of regulatory content: trading agency
  • Effect: Worldwide promotion, suitable for very large organizations, and can apply for immigration
  • Subsequent monthly cost: £3,000 per month for company maintenance

Australia's ASFL service items include:

  • Australian company registration AFSL (Australian Financial Services Authorization) CHB (Australian Commonwealth Bank Account) Certification by the Australian Embassy in China
  • The processing cycle is 4 months
  • Nature of regulatory content: financial service authorization
  • Effect: Agent promotion throughout Southeast Asia, suitable for organizations with a large number of customers, and can apply for immigration within 3 years.
  • Subsequently, monthly cost: monthly company maintenance of AU$20,000 to 30,000

Register for Australian AFSLC search

Belize or BVI registered company + Hong Kong offshore bank (Bank of America, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Citi)

Swiss company registration + agent handling of offshore accounts with Swiss local banks UBP, Corner Bank, Credit Suisse


  • All the above are formal registrations, not so-called decks
  • The above registration information only needs to provide real ID card or passport, bank account and a series of things, our company will help you Get it done

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