Cryptocurrency payment system

Safe and convenient cryptocurrency storage, transaction, acceptance and payment platform

Cryptocurrency payment system

The cryptocurrency payment system is a payment system developed by Titan Technology based on blockchain technology that replaces real money with cryptocurrency. Through the unique real-time clearing engine and digital currency wallet to build a cryptocurrency payment channel to solve the settlement problem of cryptocurrency, allowing users to realize the free payment and exchange of cryptocurrencies worldwide.

User version

The user version of is used by ordinary consumers to manage digital assets and payments. They can freely deposit and withdraw coins on all exchanges and perform quick transfers on the same platform.

Merchant Edition

The merchant version is mainly to provide settlement management for merchants joining the operating platform, which can be online shopping malls or financial industries.

Acceptor Edition

The acceptor version is mainly to provide users with virtual currency purchases, and acceptors can buy or sell coins.

Operating platform

The operation background is a bridge between the user version, the merchant version, and the acceptor version. After the user recharges the cryptocurrency with fiat currency, the acceptor confirms that the payment is completed, and the recharge is automatically settled to the merchant wallet.
Simplified payment process, making settlement faster
  • User

  • Online shopping/

  • Operating platform

  • Settlement USDT/

  • User/

Seven functional modules we can achieve the ultimate

Safer, more practical, more complete, more understanding of payment

Wallet management system-safe and complete Independent and secure digital wallets are the basic support. Hot wallets provide unique wallet addresses to facilitate user asset management, and cold wallets provide enterprise-level offline multi-signature security levels, providing foolproof security.

Acceptor management-rich in functions and practical is born to better protect acceptors and help acceptors achieve better acceptance results. It can realize the two-way binding between the acceptor and the merchant, and the two-way binding between the acceptor and the personal account; it can help the acceptor to manage the acceptance from time to time.

Agent management-full control of the agent system divides the ordinary agent roles into deposit acceptor agent, withdrawal acceptor agent, merchant agent, and user agent. Through detailed division, build and maintain the agency system in all directions.

Payment order matching management-high concurrency, excellent performance TPS can easily achieve 10,000 transactions per second, high concurrency, high availability, and excellent scalability. At the same time, orders can be shared across platforms, and all orders can be managed and maintained in real time through replenishment and adjustment of orders.

Reconciliation system-daily balance account refers to the bank reconciliation system, the daily fixed-point system automatically reconciles the account, and the account can be settled if there is no abnormality. If there is an abnormality, the system will immediately notify the administrator to correct the correction and balance the account, thereby achieving payment The daily balance of the system.

Open payment interface management-stable standard uses Alipay and UnionPay-level open interfaces to provide users, merchants and developers with payment product sharing and data docking services to build a cross-integration and payment ecosystem.

Risk control management-full-process risk control The industry's original and full-process intelligent risk control system enables full control of risk control such as deposits, withdrawals, and withdrawals, and comprehensive risk control management for each account on the platform.

Open API, support multi-functional scene access

Mining Machine Exchange

Digital Currency Mall

Online shopping mall

Financial Derivatives Exchange

Safe and independent cryptocurrency wallet

Cold wallet + hot wallet, double asset storage guarantee
  • Seamlessly connect to any e-wallet via API (currency
    currency transaction, legal currency transaction)
  • Using USDT as the final settlement unit
  • The wallet is hosted on a safe and stable server
  • Automatic deposit and withdrawal management
  • Automatically create an electronic wallet
  • Safe API and sandbox environment
  • Ultra-low fees
Leading solutions and full service system
Let you build the most excellent system in the shortest time and the lowest cost
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