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Provide streamline full-process mining machine custody services for global institutions/investors
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Mining Machine Custody Service

Mining machine hosting + cloud computing power mining, which makes
mining simpler and more profitable

The birth of mining machines has brought mining into an era of competition. With the entry of capital, the computing power has been monopolized in the hands of large mining farms, and the noise pollution of mining machines and the increase in power consumption have also made miners very unhappy. Mining is close to impossible for individual investors to do it alone. According to the development of the times and the pain points of miners, Standard Fintech Technology has launched a full-process mining machine custody service, including self-built mines, mining pools, cloud computing power and mining malls. It adopts a completely independent construction and operation model for domestic and foreign mines. Cost-effective, sustainable green energy provides power for innovative technologies.

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Mining Machine Custody Process

Simple four steps, easy mining machine custody

1. Order Mining Machines

Choose the specified model and quantity, and customize the custody service of the mining machine

2. Delivery

The mining machines will be sent to the corresponding mining farms.

3. Arrival of Mining Machines

Managed and deployed by technology experts

4. Start Mining

Obtain mining profit

Why choose Standard Fintech Technology mining machine custody service?

Professional mine

Multiple mines in North America and Europe, professional environment, support on-site inspection, monitoring equipment at any time

Uninterruptible power supply

Uninterrupted power 24 hours a day, uninterrupted coin mining

24*7 operation and maintenance

Professional deployment, 24*7 technical support and maintenance to ensure the stable operation of the mining machine

Professional mine environment

Professional equipment room with sufficient equipment

Multi-model and multi-currency support

Multi-model support, covering multiple currencies such as BTC, ETH, ETC, BCH and LTC
Leading solutions and full service system
Let you build the most excellent system in the shortest time and the lowest cost
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