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We can assist you in completing Hong Kong company registration, Hong Kong company judicial notarization and annual report, BVI company registration, British company registration, American company registration, Sino-foreign joint venture and wholly foreign-owned company registration, domestic and foreign trademark registration, bank account opening, and telephone secretarial services. Setting up an overseas company registered account can freely send and receive international trade payments; leave trading companies to save more expenses; improve the company’s reputation and international status; enhance brand value; and exempt foreign exchange controls.

US company registration
The United States is the world’s immigration hotspot and the most developed consumer market in the world. American companies also enjoy a strong and technologically advanced reputation all over the world. Therefore, registering a U.S. company has become a quick way for domestic companies to conduct multinational business and enhance their international image. .
Different states in the United States have different company registration time, costs, and procedures. Before registration, the state to be registered should be determined according to different needs.
One. Benefits of setting up a company in the United States: 1) Free choice of American company name;
2) American companies have good business infrastructure;
3) U.S. companies have no foreign exchange controls, and capital flows in and out freely;
4) The invitation letter issued by a US company will help Chinese people to apply for passports and visas;
5) Registering a company in the United States and Canada will help you obtain various business and work visas;
6) One year later, the US company still exists and can apply for a residence card to the US official through a lawyer to achieve immigration purposes.
Two. Overview of company registration and establishment in various states of the United States: The establishment of a company in each state of the United States requires complicated procedures and must be registered in accordance with the laws of the city, state, and federal government. At present, every industry in the United States has its own independent industry laws, and the operators of each industry must follow the regulations of their industry to handle their business.
There are company registration departments in all fifty states in the United States, which require different documents and charge different fees.
Three. Conditions for establishing a company in the United States: 1) Provide a copy of the passport or ID card of one shareholder or two or more shareholders (18 > years old and above);
2) Provide three U.S. company names, which can be applied if they are verified by the U.S. company registration agency if there are no duplicates;
3) Provide the names of the company's chairman, president, chairman, secretary, and financial supervisor of the US company;
4) The proportion of shares held by each shareholder of the US company applying for registration.
Four. The following methods can be used to register a U.S. company: The first method: Only register a US company without setting up an office. We are responsible for all legally registered US companies. This method is characterized by fast, simple and low cost. This method is more suitable for individuals and companies whose current strength needs to be further improved, but who intend to establish overseas relationships to benefit their future expansion.
The second method: Register a US company and set up a normal office with an operator and receptionist. We are responsible for handling all legally registered US company matters and office establishment and personnel recruitment.
The characteristic of this method is that it not only helps the head office to establish the image of a multinational company, but also has the basic functions of an overseas branch. We collect all kinds of information, data and materials required by customers with professional quality, and will use high-tech means to submit the survey results to customers as quickly as possible. This method is more suitable for those who have certain strength or have certain business overseas, but have not yet prepared a large amount of investment to maintain a fully equipped official branch.
The third method: We provide a full set of US company registration consulting services for preparing a fully equipped formal US company in the US, including:
1) Legal consulting and business consulting for establishing a US company. From US company registration to office rental and personnel recruitment, and assistance in designing and determining business development plans.
2) Business consulting and market research of related American companies. From product design, research on promotion targets, to market surveys, market competition surveys, to finding potential partners.
3) Marketing package design and promotion plan. From establishing the image of American companies and products to designing the most appropriate advertisements, contacting public media and government departments all the way to clarifying local administrative and legal management regulations. The cost is calculated on a case-by-case basis.
The third way uses the company's expertise and extensive business contacts. First, it can save customers a lot of unnecessary expenses, such as attorney fees, various commissions, etc.; second, the company provides relevant business consultation and market research, which can help customers avoid unnecessary detours in the future business development in North America; Finally, it lays a solid foundation for the solid and stable development of customers' products and businesses. The fees you pay include attorney fees, immigration fees, US company registration fees, US company business registration fees, etc.
5. Fees for registering a US company: The total cost of registering a US company (including government registration certificate fees, material fees, company seals, express transportation and professional registration service fees).
VI. Payment method for registered US company: The standard quoted price is 60% as a deposit, and the remaining 40% is paid when the US company is registered and the documents are collected.
Seven. A US company registered in the US, you can receive: 1) The company license issued by the US company state government.
2) American company formation regulations.
3) American company composition regulations.
4) Stocks of American companies.
5) US company seal.
6) The relevant resolution form of the US company.
8. For corporate business office services in the United States, you can enjoy one year: 1) Provide services for the registered legal address of American companies.
2) Provide telephone and fax answering and information transmission services for American companies.
3) Provide services of receiving and delivering letters from American companies.
UK company registration
The United Kingdom (UK) is an island country located in western Europe, It consists of Great Britain (including England, Scotland, Wales), the northeastern part of the island of Ireland and some small islands. The capital, London, is one of the world’s largest international foreign exchange market and international insurance centers, as well as one of the world’s largest financial and trade centers. Its gross domestic product ranks among the forefront of Western countries, including the European Union, NATO, the Commonwealth, and the Western European Union. It is China's second largest trading partner in the European Union, including important member states of 120 international organizations. The climate of marine temperate broad-leaved forest is about 60 million people, and the English common law is the same as that of Hong Kong.
How to register a company in the UK: The Companies Act 1985 provides for the registration of companies in the UK. Although the name of a business organization is determined according to certain rules, the registered company does not need to be licensed. However, companies engaged in regulated industries such as finance, defense, and oil exploration must obtain a license or government approval before opening.
One. Advantages of registering a UK company: 1) Bank accounts can be opened in Mainland China, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom;
2) The annual maintenance cost is low, the tax arrangement is convenient, the information is open, and the credibility is high;
3) If you are not doing business in the UK, it is legal to not need to pay taxes;
4) It can be listed and raised in major financial markets around the world and Hong Kong, relying on the reputation of "The sun never sets";
5) High international legal status and protected by the Commonwealth Government.
Two. Types of British companies (four types of companies are regulated by law): 1) Private joint stock limited liability company: the liability of members is determined by the number of shares held by them;
2) Private guarantee limited liability company: the liability of its members is determined by the amount of contribution they promised to the company's assets;
3) Private unlimited liability company: There is no limitation on the liability of company members;
4) Listed company: the company's stock is sold to the public. Only listed companies can sell shares to the public.
Three. Basic requirements for registering a UK company: 1. British company name requirements: the name must end with "limited company", such as: LIMITED, CO., LTD, CO., LIMITED, and cannot end with "trust company", "bank" or other words that are considered to have similar meanings. Unless these companies obtain corresponding licenses in the UK.
2. The registered capital of a British company: The standard capital is 80,000 pounds, divided into 80,000 shares, and each share is 1 pound. There is no need for capital verification and in place, if it is higher than this number, an additional five-thousandth (0.5%>) pound printing fee will be charged.
3. British company directors/shareholders: one or more, which can be legal entities or natural persons of any nationality.
4. The registered address of the UK company: the registered address must be in the UK (provided by our company).
Four. Procedures for registering a UK company: 1. Provide the company's English name, the name cannot be in Chinese (our company can check the name for free, it will take one working day);
2. Provide the company's registered capital. The company's standard capital is 80,000 pounds, and a printing fee of five thousandths (0.5%) of pounds will be charged if it exceeds this amount.
3. Sign the power of attorney to register a British company, fill in the "Registration Form of British Company Registration", and provide copies of ID cards or passports of all shareholders (over 18 years of age) (if the shareholder is a corporate entity, provide a copy of the business license of the unit) Copy);
4. Registration service fee in British pounds before applying 50% of the payment (including the payment of government fees, document fees, seal fees, attorney fees, agency service fees);
5. About 10 working days, the new company will complete the complete set of procedures, and the client will pay the balance and receive the new company information.
V. Annual maintenance of the British company: 1. Annual maintenance service fee for UK company;
Government license taxes and fees in British pounds: (government fees are subject to change);
Annual declaration data, registered address in British pounds:, registered agent fee in British pounds:
2. Continue to provide the registered address of the UK company.
6. Information on completion of registration of the UK company: (1) One copy of certification letter from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau;
(2) One copy of British company registration certificate;
(3) One copy of the first meeting minutes;
(4) 1 copy of current status report;
(5) 20 shares of company stock;
(6) 1 copy of the company meeting minutes;
(7) 5 copies of the company's articles of incorporation;
(8) 3 official seals;
(9) 1 copy of British company operation specification;
(10) One application form;
(11) 1 piece of British handmade mahogany frame metal plate registration plate;
(12) 1 copy of the card;
7. Additional related services: 1. British companies open bank accounts in foreign banks in Mainland China;
2. British companies apply for trademark registration in the UK or other regions.

Precautions for registering a UK company
1. Place of registration: The above procedures are applicable to companies registered in England or Wales. If the company is incorporated in Scotland or Northern Ireland, it must be registered locally. The regulations in Scotland and England and Wales are very similar, and the regulations in Northern Ireland are roughly the same, but there are still many differences. It is recommended to consult experts.
2. Company and business names: The choice of company name is restricted by relevant regulations. If registration with the same name as a registered company is not allowed, words implying royal and government connections will be restricted.
3. Other types of registered companies: partners, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships (LLP), joint ventures, independent businessmen, etc.
4. Company registration is highly professional, and it is recommended to consult professional organizations such as lawyers and accounting firms.

Hong Kong company registration
1. Data confirmation: the customer confirms the company name and directors and shareholders' information
2. Confirmation of cooperation: The entrustment agreement signed with our company Wanlian International Business (Hong Kong) Company
3. Payment of deposit: advance deposit of 50% of the total cost.
4. Documents to be signed: The client signs the documents for the establishment of the Hong Kong government (signatures of directors and shareholders are required)
V. Document submission: formal procedures are handled by the government
6. Issuance of certificate and verification: Hong Kong certificate is issued within five to eight days (you can check the authenticity of the government website)
7. Receive Green Box: Customers receive company information and pay 50% of the balance (complete registration)
8. Warm reminder: foreign customers can apply for a Hong Kong company without visiting our company
One. Service items: Hong Kong Companies Registry: Certificate of Incorporation (IC)
Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department: Business Registration Certificate (IRD)
Government Printing Bureau: 16 articles of incorporation, stock certificate, meeting minutes, green box produced by Hong Kong
The company's full set of seal fees: rusty steel seal, signature seal, small round seal
Provide Hong Kong statutory secretarial services: provide Wanlian International Business (Hong Kong) company headquarters company practice secretarial services, professional technician consulting services, donated Hong Kong taxation, Legal, accounting, auditing, tax reporting consulting.
Two. Hong Kong company annual audit fees and services: 1. The business registration certificate of Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department is changed to continue its flight
2. Hong Kong Companies Registry Annual Filing Fee; Annual Fees for Company Registered Secretary and Annual Fees for Registered Address Government Document Cost Fees; 1 telephone, 1 fax, commercial Center address, on behalf of the phone, receive faxes; provide processing business documents, government bank letters, and send information when letter
3. Make an annual return, submit the annual report to the tax bureau to obtain a business registration certificate
4. Free accountant consultation throughout the year: Hong Kong taxation, law, accounting, audit banking consultation
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