Golden Compass Stock Financing Trading System

Completely independent research and development, a new blockbuster launch

Powerful function, stable operation, global leader

Stock two financial trading system

Titan Technology’s independent research and development of the Golden Compass Stock Two Financial Trading System Version 1.0 was officially released, including margin financing and securities lending business, financing and loan business, etc. It integrates decades of domestic stock market experience and foreign investment structure trading models, and integrates high-speed trading engines. Intelligent PB system and risk monitoring system are powerful, stable, and world-leading.

  • The mobile phone realizes the original ecological APP of Android and iOS, rejecting H5 nesting

  • PC market + trading version supports web page opening and exe file packaging

  • Intelligent AI robot simulation manipulator hand control diagram

  • Exclusively realize the simulation of new stocks and convertible bonds

  • Support two-way trading, you can add leverage, margin, and support a variety of trading rules customization

  • Supports simulation exercises in the price limit version, as well as simulation exercises for trading exercises such as pending and canceling orders

Overall solution

Build a comprehensive, stable and efficient platform

First-class securities portal construction

Safe website construction technology to ensure website stability

First-class design, enhance corporate image

Marketing-oriented website construction, efficient website operation and maintenance plan

Rigorous and smooth trading terminal
Full terminal trading products, comfortable and friendly visual experience Equipped with comprehensive functional modules, including smart tracking, smart stock selection, community BBS, K-line stock selection, market mall, etc. A wide coverage of market data, flexible and customizable modules, and continuous improvement of platform activity 7*24h operation and maintenance services to ensure user information and fund security
Customized development of account opening system

Convenient operation experience, easy account opening anytime, anywhere

Multiple technologies ensure the safe operation of the system, and user information is absolutely confidential

provides one-to-one account opening system solutions and customized services

Intelligent PB management system

provides integrated services such as centralized custody and clearing, back-office operations, research support, leveraged financing, securities lending and fund raising;
Multi-dimensional data statistical analysis, operation is clear at a glance;
Modular management backend, easy to operate;
provides complete fund management and risk control management;
supports flexible customization

Real-time market data

Docking with many top international exchanges to provide the most complete data services

Leading solutions and full service system
Let you build the most excellent system in the shortest time and the lowest cost
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