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Dedicated BGP server, financial cloud deployment to carry millions of customers

Global deployment

Server rooms are located in the Mainland, Hong Kong, Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia, etc.

A key installation

Quickly complete the deployment of application clusters through mirroring or source code.

Performance monitoring

Application data is distributed collection, centralized management, and provides visual icons and intelligent analysis.

Continuous integration

Realize the automation of the application editing, testing, packaging and publishing process.

Flexible expansion

Follow business changes, apply load balancing, and flexibly expand software and hardware resources.


5-300G DDoS elastic protection capability, server security hosting and other functions.
Docking international private line data with top liquidity service providers

We provide you with international data dedicated line transmission channels, 24-hour uninterrupted quotation information, 250+ tradable varieties, optical fiber transmission Loss; The Fix Clearing Bridge efficiently bridges the world's 15 top liquidity, efficient clearing, and transfer of transaction risks.


MT4 supporting functions to meet the most extensive needs

Plug and play, support customized development of functions

Transaction front-end function package

Supports 31 languages such as Chinese and English; you can choose the most popular 16 currency pairs among the 8 major currencies, spot London gold/silver, futures, crude oil and other hundreds of types as your platform's trading varieties.

The trading quotations of the simulated account are completely consistent with the real quotations. Through simulated trading, familiar with the functions of the platform and the characteristics of investment products, it can narrow the distance with traders and transform into real customers.

30 kinds of line drawing tools, 9 time period chart options, 50 kinds of technical indicators; 128-bit key encryption to ensure the safe delivery of transaction instructions to the server; automatically save transaction records for investors to check at any time.

Support self-editing indicators, intelligent execution, not affected by human factors.

It supports a variety of fund access methods such as third-party payment channels, UnionPay channels, and international payment channels. Supports deposits in seconds, instant arrival, deposit and withdrawal email reminders, SMS reminders.

Online copy is a powerful tool to increase customer transaction volume. The STONE online copy trading system can help callers use one MT4 account to push transaction signals to countless MT4 accounts to help other accounts follow the operation.

Traders can realize self-service management of personal identity information, transaction records, deposits and withdrawals, etc. here.

System risk control function supporting

MT4 FIX clearing and hedge bridge application access, Fix clearing aggregation bridge service, MT4 bridge support, MT5 bridge maintenance, etc.

There are more than 30 functional plug-ins such as anti-scalp plug-in, anti-skip plug-in, explosion-proof warehouse plug-in, anti-arbitrage plug-in, profit and loss analysis and risk control plug-in.

We provide international dedicated line data source access, data is obtained from the source, and the data is optimized, and transmitted through the dedicated line data channel to achieve stable, fast, and non-delayed transaction quotation.

Relying on the world's most advanced MT4 platform, Stone Technology has developed the MT4 short-term trading plug-in. There is no need to build a separate trading system, and foreign exchange and short-term trading can be performed simultaneously on the existing MT4 platform.

System background management function

The CRM system provides online real-time contract registration, data analysis, account settings for different roles and other services, which is convenient for you to conduct unified, standardized and scientific management of a large number of IBs, customers and other businesses.

For member units, agents and traders at all levels, it supports unlimited levels of rebates, and supports multiple rebates based on team ratio, level, and algebra.

The double-entry bookkeeping method is used to record in detail the source, whereabouts and change process of each fund, to assist the platform business to achieve the goals of capital inflow and outflow, risk control, and accurate settlement and settlement. When the same dealer participates in multiple trading modes, its funds can be shared.

It is convenient to query transaction information every day and every time period; it supports query of various information such as order information and capital information.

Real-time risk monitoring, graphical display; risk warning, support A-bookB-book hedging method of transaction risk.

Customer account opening, deposit and withdrawal, server operation and maintenance support timely email and SMS information provision, verification, and reminder functions.

Three-party payment channels such as Tonglian, Huanxun, Huichao, Dinpay, Baofu, etc.; Agricultural Bank, China Merchants Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Construction Bank, Ping An Bank, Minsheng Bank and other bank fund custody.

Registration bonuses, transaction bonuses, event bonuses and other respective bonus methods support and special display of trading activities and other functions to improve operational efficiency.

Only 1 account is needed to realize the interoperability of 8 major transaction terminals

Computer, App, WeChat and other full platform support

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