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250+ trading varieties, 24 hours uninterrupted service

Feed Solution

Feed Solution introduces international dedicated data sources such as the London Precious Metals Exchange, Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Intercontinental Exchange, Chicago Exchange, and Shanghai Futures Exchange.

Data types include: bonds, futures, funds, indices and precious metals, etc. It can provide high-quality financial data services for financial institutions, governments, enterprises, media, etc. 24 hours a day.

Foreign exchange





Precious metals

Chicago Exchange

London Precious Metals Exchange

Shanghai Futures Exchange

Tokyo Commodity Exchange

Intercontinental Exchange

Source acquisition, top liquidity support

Source acquisition, top-level liquidity support

Complete variety

Rich variety of transactions, transaction meet the needs of
different investors.

Direct line

24-hour stable and efficient transmission to achieve the best transaction execution quality.

Accurate and reliable

Data is obtained from the source to ensure the transparency of quotations and transaction accuracy.

Real-time stability

The matching is carried out in strict accordance with the price order, and there is no "re-quote" problem.

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