Advanced market operation model

According to the operational needs of diversified markets, six back-office settlement methods are launched
Bring high-viscosity hierarchical relationships and diversified customer source channels
Guarantee promotion flexibility

Operation Model of Clearing Center

Flexible rebate settings allow exchanges (brokers) to have more operating options, and truly find a way to promote customers.

Refine the internal functions of the exchange and clarify the division of labor to improve operational efficiency

Keep the original source of customers and reduce the resource loss of the exchange’s transformation

Link profit at all levels to increase internal linkage and achieve a win-win situation

The large-scale operating system is the first choice for large brokers or exchanges

Multi-level agent rebate model

It is designed for the specific needs of brokers to promote customers (brokers-IB agents-customers), through the development of agent business channels, investors successfully open accounts and conduct transactions, and return corresponding commissions according to the transaction situation. IB agency has become an important channel for the source of customers and is currently the most important tool for brokers to expand the market.

Multi-level rebate structure, which closely integrates rebate, settlement and trading

Brokers can customize rebate rules and flexibly configure according to needs

Rebate commissions based on transaction volume, increase transaction enthusiasm, and promote order completion

Agents work more and earn more, stimulate promotion enthusiasm, and improve the efficiency of customer expansion

Foreign exchange insurance documentary model

Foreign exchange transaction + insurance funds dual account mechanism, the transaction account is responsible for transactions, deposits and withdrawals, and the insurance account is used as a margin, which can be rebated according to the transaction order and contract account. Separation of accounts makes transactions easy and risk-free.

FT fund account model

Trading account + capital account, the trading account can trade and earn commissions, the fund account fund custody has fixed income, and dividends are distributed according to the transaction order.

Managed account mode

Trading account + escrow account, trading account only trades, escrow account rebates, including static income and promotion income, both accounts can deposit and withdraw money.

GFC Token mode

Use tokens for settlement and income. The income includes system income and friend token income from inviting users. User accounts can be upgraded as the sum of their own and lower-level tokens increases.

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