Dealer Solution

Risk control solutions

360° all-round risk control management system system is impeccable

Dealer Solution

Comprehensive risk control and management functions

The Dealer Solution provides a full range of risk control management functions for electronic trading systems. Identify different risks through effective risk monitoring methods, Effective measures such as avoiding risks, transferring risks, reducing losses, and taking risks are adopted respectively to ensure the stable and healthy development of the trading platform.

risk control

Real-time monitoring of customer accounts and transaction orders, including the customer's login IP, region, transaction habits, transaction volume, transaction amount, profit and loss, etc., analyze the nature of customers in a multi-dimensional and all-round way, and realize automatic discovery of dishonest customers.

Risk management

Brokers manage dishonest customers in groups, and programmatic group batch processing allows brokers to improve risk control efficiency and achieve true "prescription of the right medicine". Customize each customer Group trading types, you can set single transaction limit, maximum lot size, spreads, and handling fees according to the type of trading, and you can also set different trading levers.

For dishonest customers, brokers can take measures such as freezing, banning, and canceling, and at the same time, they can also unfreeze, unblock, and resume normal transactions.

  • Freeze

    The transaction terminal cannot place an order, but can perform deposit and withdrawal operations, which must be manually reviewed. (The broker is frozen, and the transactions of subordinate clients are not affected)

  • Disable

    The transaction terminal cannot perform login operations.

  • Logout

    The transaction terminal cannot carry out the login operation, the operation is irreversible, and caution is required.

Hedge Bridge Service

Fix clearing bridge-transfer transaction risk

Fix Bridge is a specially developed product that combines the FT trading platform and liquidity provider through the FIX protocol. This product meets the requirements of the foreign exchange trading market among international banks, It also supports functions including markup and spread restrictions, bid/ask configuration and symbol settings.

  • Easy to set up symbols

  • Support Market & Instant

  • Personal account settings

  • markup & spread Set up the system

  • Detailed record

Risk control plug-in
  • Trading through the web

  • Allow quote timeout transactions

  • Open position lot limit plugin

  • Skip the hedging plugin

  • Trader OCO

  • Multi-account trading tools

  • Commission distribution plugin

  • One-sided closing plug-in that prevents hedging positions

  • Charge closing fee

  • Credit amount collection plug-in

  • Charge plug-in for non-profit accounts

  • Multi-agent plug-in

  • Account rebate plug-in program

  • Rent reduction plugin for holding period

  • Pending order invalidation setting plugin

  • Dead price protection plug-in

  • Reject spread betting plugin

  • Mobile SMS notification plug-in gateway

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