Clearing Solution

Clearing solution

Fine liquidation, fair distribution

Clearing Solution

Efficient operation management system customized for brokers (exchanges)

The Clearing Solution provides a reasonable and scientific account settlement for various institutions, agents, and customers in the trading platform ecosystem of the broker (exchange), so as to realize the fair distribution of rights and interests of all parties.

Exchange access

Basic development platform

Unified access task
Core business platform

Basic service platform
Operations Center

Application Service Cluster

Database cluster

Cross-international and cross-field clearing model

Standardized liquidation process, intelligent supervision system

Clearing Solution strictly separates fund management, system transactions, and clearing and settlement links, and adopts standard and standardized clearing procedures to ensure fair distribution of transaction participants. The intelligent supervision system promotes efficient and stable operation within the market.

  • Unified Fund Depository

    Various exchanges provide capital access channels

  • Centralized liquidation

    All types of exchanges conduct unified fund clearing

  • Information registration

    Regulators overseeing data and funds

  • Public trust income

    Each participant enhances credibility and increases revenue

  • Risk control

    Risk control of each participant

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