One-stop white label system construction

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One-stop white label system construction

With the fierce competition in the foreign exchange industry, it is increasingly difficult for agents to survive. Even if they have sufficient customer resources, they cannot change a single limited profit. Titan Technology's one-stop white label system construction can help customers quickly build their own foreign exchange trading system, and provide the highest level of solutions in system rental, supporting services, platform operation and maintenance.

  • Overseas company registration

  • Financial website

  • MT4 platform

  • International Dedic-
    ated Line Data

  • Comprehensive
    agent rebates

  • Payment channel

  • Risk Management

  • Fix Clearing

White label-the first choice for new brokers

Low investment can get high return? Choose the solution that suits you

The white label is a rental platform for the broker (main label), which enables the tenant (white label) to operate the platform under its own brand, which means that the white label is leased from the main label, but can create its own brand name and logo. The white label is a grouping of the entire MT4 system, with only usage rights, no administrator rights. The white label has low initial rental cost, which is conducive to maintenance and suitable for new brokers to quickly market. For those brokers with inexperience or limited investment costs, it is the best choice to save time and investment costs.

  • Build

  • Authority

  • Secondary development

  • Cost

  • to sum up

  • Main standard

  • A whole set of systems
  • Administrator rights
  • Yes
  • High
  • Unlimited development and considerable profits in the later stage, suitable for brokers with certain experience and capital
  • White label

  • One group in the system
  • Use permissions
  • No
  • Low
  • Easy to maintain, low cost, suitable for new brokers to quickly market to the market
Why choose Titan Technology one-stop white label?

Focusing on MT4 software services for ten years, we understand the needs of the market and brokers better

  • supports PC and mobile
  • Mainland, Hong Kong, United States and other data center architecture
  • U.S. and Hong Kong disaster recovery backup
  • Strong compatibility, load balancing, multi-line BGP access, anti-DDOS
  • MM & STP mode switching, MM anti-pending order arbitrage broadcasting, automatic forced liquidation
  • QQ online, mail, phone support
  • Fault emergency repair
  • Hong Kong company and bank account registration guide
  • Platform trading rules training & MT4 Manager training
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