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Focusing on the field of financial software research and development for 15 years, serving more than 500 brokers and financial institutions worldwide

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More than 500 institutions choose Titan Technology

STANDARD FINTECH is a comprehensive international financial technology service company, which specializes in providing overall solutions and services for financial clearing institutions, brokerage institutions and government regulatory agencies. Focus on the planning consulting, software development and implementation, technical services, system integration and system maintenance of financial derivatives systems such as blockchain (cryptocurrency CFDs), foreign exchange, precious metals, stock indexes, spot commodities, etc. in the field of artificial intelligence and smart big data Comprehensive services.
Over the years, Standard Fintech has focused on technical services, relying on years of financial IT construction experience, as well as deep insight and understanding of the Internet, and using high-quality products and services to drive the innovation and development of financial institutions.

Our advantage

Our advantages

Industry pioneer and leader

The first provider of financial e-commerce solutions and services, introduced advanced computer technology and leading domestic and foreign trading concepts into financial electronic transactions, learning from each other, continuous innovation, and continuous promotion

Perfect product system

Titan Technology is currently the domestic financial e-commerce system provider with the most transaction models, including foreign exchange trading system supporting, encrypted currency trading system, binary options trading platform, micro-disk trading system, fund settlement system and other trading platforms and modes

Rich construction experience

After 15 years of industry accumulation, Titan Technology has a wealth of construction experience, and it has been successfully applied to hundreds of financial factor markets and financial markets at home and abroad, greatly improving service efficiency and ensuring customer service quality.

Comprehensive operation support

Titan Technology has a professional operation team and a team of external experts, which can provide organization, design transaction varieties, formulate standards and regulations, risk control, training personnel, and development in response to the problems faced by customers during the career preparation period, cultivation period and rapid development period. Market and other support provide comprehensive operation guidance for the trading market/center.

Sound after-sales service

Titan Technology has a professional after-sales service team, established a set of strict service standards and standardized and efficient customer service procedures, so that customers have high-quality, rapid and professional after-sales service.

Professional business consulting and training team

Titan Technology has a professional consultant team, a sound customer training mechanism and senior training lecturers. Regardless of business or technology, it is at the leading level in the industry. Training instructors will deliver advanced knowledge and ideas to customers in a timely manner, and provide the best quality support services for the development of the trading market.

Our development vision

Since the establishment of STANDARD FINTECH, it has been committed to building high-quality brokers and providing partners with international leading technical support and solutions. This includes platform research and development, risk control, server leasing and back-end support, and financial training support provided by senior brokerage experts, helping our partners have absolute platform advantages and long-term profitability in the financial field. At the same time, we also take continuous improvement and breakthroughs as our own responsibility, and maintain our leading position in the industry through repeated product innovations, and develop together with brokers to create a financial technology ecosystem.

Our service process

Our service advantage

A better technology development system

Leading solutions and full service system
Let you build the most excellent system in the shortest time and the lowest cost
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